Danny Hultzen: Worth the Wait or Trade Bait?


Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As we move on further into the offseason, we have begun the process of separating the needs and the wants when it comes to our Seattle Mariners team.

What we do know is that a couple of needs that are high on that list are a new starting pitcher and a closer other than Danny Farquar. There have been a few rumors linking us to free agent closers such as Brian Wilson and Grant Balfour.

What we have not heard is any meaningful rumors linking us to a starting pitcher to fill in the vacancy left behind by Joe Saunders. The challenge of luring a free agent into the Emerald City is that it is not a very desirable place to play baseball in. The best bet is to promote from within our farm system.

The Seattle Mariners have one of the more promising farm systems in all of baseball. Guys such as Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, and D.J. Peterson should give you hope for our future. One of the guys left off of that list is former first round pick Danny Hultzen.

Danny Hultzen was picked 2nd overall in the 2011 draft. The Mariners have been more than patient with him as he continues to progress. He is a strong lefty who has a solid fastball, usually right around the mid 90’s.

His best pitch is his slider. It has great movement and is very deceiving, even when the control is not there. He has been a lock as a legit number three starter in this league.

But once again, we did not see the injury bug coming. RotoWorld does a pretty good job at summing up how life has been for the lefty on this player profile page.

Hultzen was supposed to solidify the rotation along with Taijuan Walker. But now what do we do? He is out the entire 2014 season before it has even begun.

If you ask me, I bet Jack Zduriencik is thinking trade bait. Trading him might be the right move. Hultzen has yet to live up to the hype that goes with being the number two overall pick in the draft. Jack does not have time to play the wait and see game in Seattle.

Trading Hultzen in a package for a guy like Mark Trumbo for example would make sense. Yeah we are giving away Hultzen, but no Seattle fan will remember him when Trumbo is spanking homers out of Safeco.

I beg you to be patient, I have a good feeling about this offseason.