Mariners Interview Dave Valle For Manager


So, I was at work earlier today (yes I have a regular Mon-Fri job outside of entertaining the masses and informing Mariners Nation) and I was thinking about something to bring you today. Just when I was about to give up for the day, I saw this on Twitter.


Now, I personally am not a fan of the move. I wonder if they are actually serious or if Jack Z is just doing his due diligence in interviewing in-house candidates. Apparently, I am not alone with my thought.

I continued to scroll through the reactions. Here are some of my favorites:

And then there are some people who think it’s a great idea. I am not one of them, but how can you argue with this?

I guess only time will tell if Valle ends up being hired. But all I can say is, if Jack Z wants to keep his job, he will not hire Dave Valle. If he wants out of Seattle after this season, then absolutely hire Valle.

Happy Halloween everyone. There’s some spooky news for you to digest.