How The Admiral’s 2013 MLB Predicitons Fared

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Greetings M’s fans. As you are undoubtedly turning your attention to the 4-1 Seahawks, I thought I would take a second for a little bit of accountability on my part. Prior to the 2013 MLB season, I posted predictions for every MLB team as well as award predictions over on my old blog.

Since the end of August, I have been at the helm of the SodoMojo ship and have abandoned ship from ye olde blog (Too many maritime references? Okay then).

Since there is a bit of a lull between the end of the Mariners’ regular season and when the real fun begins for the offseason, I thought I would take a minute to look back at those predictions and see how I did. In year’s past, I have been more than fairly accurate, as you can see by clicking the links from some previous years (2011, 2010).

So here is the list for this year. Granted, we won’t know the playoff outcome or the awards outcome for some time now*, but here are the teams, broken down by how far off I was. (+/- indicates how many more wins they achieved versus my prediction. (ie. Seattle -12, they won 12 fewer games than my prediction)).

*I will edit this page with results from award voting and playoffs as they happen.