The Mariner Memorandum – Now With More Bees!


September 22, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Seattle Mariners starting pitcher

Felix Hernandez

(34) pitches during the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Cutting right to the chase, the biggest news in the Mariners universe this weekend was Franklin Gutierrez‘s run in with a swarm of bees Sunday afternoon. Yup, in a turn of events reminiscent of a Bugs Bunny skit, yesterday’s Mariners-Angels game was delayed twice because of overwhelming buzzing in the outfield.

Okay Bees! Everyone get in the bucket!

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

But if that wasn’t enough, get a load of the poor guy that was sent out there to ‘deal with it’. A Gatorade jug and a broom, this ought to do it! Other Anaheim solutions involved a cardboard box, and a fire extinguisher. I’m no bee expert, but I am really pretty surprised this guy didn’t go running to the hills when that job got tasked down to him. So props to that guy. (Update: Just got news that this guy was a beekeeper who just happened to be in the stands yesterday. When they asked “Is there a beekeeper in the house?” I’m sure there were plenty of surprised people when someone actually said “yes.”)

Anyways, thanks to Mother Nature we had something to be a little bit excited about in this last road-trip of the season. The poor Mariners went 3-7 on the road, and brought their September totals to an absolutely abysmal 6-15. Including a sweep by the Astros (I still can’t let that go).

This week marks the final stretch of the season and the M’s have their work cut out for them against the Royals and A’s. We’re getting one more Felix Hernandez start on Friday, which is also Fan-Appreciation night at Safeco, so head on down and catch some fireworks and win some prizes.

Mariners Links

Beekeeper emerges from Angel Stadium stands to help wrangle bees during 23-minute delay – Big League Stew

Not much more to say here than the title, there were bees, and they interrupted the game. We all knew Franklin Gutierrez was going to get hurt again soon, but I don’t think any of us ever thought it would be at the hands of a thousand winged stingers. Now we know why nobody ever wants to join him at the zoo.

Seager day off after 106 straight starts – Mariners Musings

Kyle Seager has been a work-horse this season. He’s had a pretty decent year with 22 HRs and 67 RBIs. That’s similar to his sophomore year last year, and hopefully shows what we can expect from him moving forward. On the other hand, he’s been pretty bad recently, and took a seat on Friday to get his act back together.

Leaving A Mark – USS Mariner

Felix Hernandez played a shortened game yesterday in Anaheim. He’s on a pitch count after an oblique injury, but he still managed to do something impressive. He threw 10 strikeouts in 4 innings yesterday. Even when he’s hurt, Felix strikes guys out with flair and ease.

 Lincoln: Nintendo has no plans to sell Mariners – SportsPress NW

After the death of Mariners owner Hiroshi Yamauchi last week, there’s turbulence in the Mariners world. According to Howard Lincoln, Nintendo currently has no plans to sell the Mariners. That doesn’t mean we won’t see some changes, but at least we know where the money will be coming from, for now at least.

Ibañez hits 300th homer in M’s 88th loss – News Tribune

Rauuuuuuuuuuul! Raul Ibanez tied the record for most home runs hit by an old guy this weekend (29 homers by a 41 year old ties Ted Williams for the record). It was also Raul’s 300th career homer. After hearing that he wants to come back next year, I’m sure we will be treated to a few more.

Franklin fills in nicely at shortstop – Seattle Mariners

With Brad Miller out with injury, natural shortstop Nick Franklin moved over to the left side this weekend. Then he reminded us that he’s a pretty good infielder. While I like him better at second, it’s nice to know there’s still some defensive ability around the dugout, especially after Brendan Ryan went to the Yankees.