How Realistic are the Michael Bourn Rumors?


October 3, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Bourn (24) steals second base ahead of the throw to Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Josh Harrison (5) during the first inning at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bourn is still a free agent, and he’s still listed as someone that the Seattle Mariners are interested in. According to reports, Bourn is not interested in playing for the Texas Rangers, but he is interested in playing for either the Mariners or the New York Mets.

After being shunned by Justin Upton, it’s nice to be wanted. At least, it’s nice to have the rumor that we’re a favorite for Bourn. While the Mariners have been picking up some sluggers (well at least some guys who have been great hitters in the past, anyway), Bourn would be a nice round-out addition to the team. Sure he’s another aging player (he’s 30), but he’s also a guy who can get on base and get around the bases (276 stolen bases in his career).

On the one hand, it’s rumored that the Mariners are a favorite when it comes to this ball player making a decision about where he will go. On the other hand, he rejected the Atlanta Braves’ offer of 13.3 million dollars for one year in order to become a free agent. Rumor also has it that Bourn has received offers of up to $80 million for five years. If the Mariners are going to make a move, they will need to have some dollar signs behind that move in order to be successful.

There would most likely have to be a trade involved for the Mariners to be able to afford the cost of Bourn. After all, it’s estimated they have about $10-15 million to play with in their budget. While it’s possible that Bourn would be happy with $10 million, it’s possible they would need to move some players around to free up space for the outfielder and a few other necessary players in their budget. There’s been some speculation that Franklin Guttierez would be just the trade to free up some cash, as he’s been performing quite well in winter ball. Whether or not that will actually happen is another question entirely.

What do you think? Is it realistic to believe the Mariners could round out their offense with Michael Bourn? Why or why not?