At Bat Today: Seattle Mariners News for January 19, 2013


August 16, 2011; Washington, D.C., USA; Washington Nationals first baseman

Mike Morse

(right) gets congratulated by outfielder

Jayson Werth

(left) after Morse

Here’s a bit of advice before launching into what’s going on in the Mariners Nation: don’t get the flu that’s going around. Don’t run a 5k in 30-something degree weather while coming down with that flu and  go to a wine tasting in a barn in 20-something degree weather. You’ll wind up in bed, miserable, for a week.  Well, at least that’s what happened to me, it’s where I’ve been, and go get your flu shot (or if you’re one of the many currently suffering from the flu, then rest, water and feel better soon!)

Now on to the important stuff!  There have been a few moves over the past week on the part of the Seattle Mariners. The biggest news of the week was an early three-way trade. The Mariners also hired a new radio personality this week. What else is going on in Seattle and the rest of the Major League?

  • Jason Upton rejected a trade deal between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Mariners. Perhaps Matty was right and it’s the coffee that Upton doesn’t like?
  • A three-way trade presented the Mariners with former Washington Nationals Player Mike Morse. In the trade, they sent catcher John Jaso to Oakland. The loss of Jaso may be a detriment to the Mariners. On the other hand, gaining Mike Morse, a proven hitter, may round out the team well.
  • The Mariners hired a new radio partner for Rick Rizzs. Aaron Goldsmith, 29 out of Saint Louis, will be joining full time.
  • Everyone got snubbed by the Hall of Fame. That’s right, they didn’t let a single person in.
  • Cory Hart for the Milwaukee Brewers will be undergoing knee surgery. This will take him 3-4 months to recover from.
  • The Oakland A’s extended Bob Melvin‘s contract for another two years so that he will remain with the team until 2016.
  • The San Francisco Giants have not offered Brian Wilson “The Beard” a spot on their roster this year, making him a free agent once he recovers from surgery.
  • Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial passed away at the age of 92 and Orioles Hall of Famer Earl Weaver passed away at the age of 82.