New Years Resolutions for Mariners Fans


Make 2013 the year you *don’t* put a Mariners lawn gnome in your front yard. (Image courtesy of the MLB Team Shop)

In the spirit of the Internet’s New Years’ Resolutions theme (and heck, the New Year tradition itself), I’d like to offer some possible resolutions that Seattle Mariners fans can make this year. For my own personal resolutions, I want to run 13 races this year (most of which will be 5Ks) and I want to connect with my community more. Those, I’m sure are within keeping of normal resolutions! When it comes to making resolutions based upon fandom, however, the rules are a bit different. Here are a few I’m sure die-hard Ms fans will appreciate.

1. Resolve to Avoid Checking Prospects Lists Every Half Hour – Okay, okay, so maybe this isn’t a resolution for me, since I need to report any breaking news to you, but it certainly will help ease the malaise that will set in when there are no – that’s right zip, zero – updates for a week at a time. Perhaps its time to revisit great Mariners moments over the past 35 years or check out some baseball movies.

2. Resolve to See the Mariners Play Live – This one’s important. Let’s support our team whenever we can. After all, by attending Safeco Field – and away games if you’re not local – you help out their attendance numbers, which helps the team’s confidence. And team confidence can go a long way to producing a win.

3. Resolve Not to Buy Stupid Team Gear – Recently, we had Christmas. I was looking for some Mariners-related gear to gift my husband with. While searching, I saw some cool things. Shot glasses, old fashioned glasses, the standard jerseys. But I also saw some really stupid things. I will never understand bobbleheads. Sorry, they just don’t do anything for me. I’m also not quite sure why someone needs team-affiliated sweater boots (or sweater boots in general…they’re just tacky!). Also, please forgo the toaster, lawn gnome, and portable refrigerator. Okay?

4. Resolve to Play Catch – and Maybe Hit the Ball Around – What better thing to do when waiting for baseball season to start up again than to get out there and play some baseball. Not only will it better your health, but it will also give you something to do while you’re counting the days until opening day.

5. Resolve to Support the Team – I know, I know, we’re Mariners fans…but we also do a decent bit of dogging the team from time to time. I suppose when the team’s at the bottom of the heap for so long, it’s easy to do, but it’s not exactly good for building morale.

6. Resolve to Break the Rules – Okay, so 1-5 are good resolutions, but sometimes you’ve got to break them. Still, if I see any lawn gnomes out there…well…just don’t break that one, okay?

Happy New Year! What resolutions do you have this year? Do you have any team-related resolutions?