Happy New Year! The Most Popular SoDo Mojo Posts of 2012


Dec 23, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; General view of Safeco Field. The facility is the home stadium of the MLB team Seattle Mariners. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Happy 2013, Seattle Mariners fans! Here’s to an outstanding season for the SoDo team. There are a lot of changes under foot as the Mariners rebuild their team for the 2013 season, and the walls of Safeco Field are brought in. While we’re keeping our fingers crossed looking forward, we can take a minute to look back at the top ten posts of 2012 on SoDo Mojo.

10. The Mike Carp Dilemma 

Bryant Bartlett discusses the decisions he believed the Mariners would have to make upon the return of Mike Carp from the disabled list. He talked about which team members might be moved around in order to make room for this player, who was struggling in the AAA league during his recovery games.

9. Justin Upton Adds Mariners to No-Trade List

Robin Hawkins wrote why he believed Justin Upton would not be traded to the Mariners during this offseason period – this, of course, assuming that Arizona would have been open to trading him to another team. Find out what his recommendations were.

8. Shoring up the Rotation

Matthias Kullowatz talks about what he believes the Mariners rotation will look like come April 2013. In this article, he does a good job at looking at the math involved with determining what the Mariners’ pitching situation will look like in the coming year.

7. I’m Tired of Bunting

In this article by Matthias Kullowatz writes about the disadvantages to bunting and the bunting pattern exhibited by the Mariners in the 2012 season. Find out why he believes that bunting puts batters at a distinct disadvantage.

6. Final List of Possible Targets

J.J. Keller listed his beliefs about who the Mariners should go after in free agency and trade negotiations. Find out why he believes Josh Hamilton wasn’t a viable choice for the Seattle team.

5. Offseason Upgrades Free Agency

In this J.J. Keller article, from the end of August, he discussed which free agents the Mariners should really consider to bolster their offense. Do you agree with his picks?

4. 2012 MLB Draft Update

Joel Condreay wrote about his thoughts on which college and high school baseball players were being pursued by the MLB. He discusses who was being pursued and how this affects the Mariners.

3. Two Moves to Finish Up the Ms Offseason

J.J. Keller wrote about the big trade of the offseason this year – that of Vargas for Morales – and what he believes the Mariners need to do to give their team a final boost before the season begins in April.

2. Rumor Update

In another posting by J.J. Keller, he discussed the various rumors that were floating around regarding trades and potential contracts in November. How well has he done so far in calling big moves?  You’ll have to remind yourself of his predictions.

1. The Prince Fielder Backup Plan

And the number one most popular post in 2012 on the SoDo Mojo blog was this one by Keith Meyers. Here, he discussed back in January 2012 whether Fielder would be a good player to sign for the Ms. Do you think they made the right decision?

Now, I turn it over to you. We know what the most popular posts were, but what were your favorite posts around here on SoDo Mojo? Vote for your favorites in the comments or on our Facebook page.