How many games do the Ms win in 2013?


I love making predictions, and I’m sure others do too. It gives us a way to look to the future, especially after a disappointing season, and think about what direction the team is headed. The Ms currently have 70 wins with 13 games left, and will hopefully finish the season with at least 75 wins, which would mean finishing the season 5-8. I personally think this team is on the rise, and that we should have won more games this year. This may be optimistic, but I look for the Mariners to win about 83 games next year, right above .500. A few moves could get us there, and possibly even better. You have to expect guys like Ackley, Montero and even Seager will improve upon 2012, and 8ish more wins is very possible, especially if we add a bat.

This could also tie into my last post, and give us an idea of what the fanbase overall thinks about the future of this team. Do the fans think we improve, regress, or stay the same?

Feel free to base your vote on anything you want. For instance, my 83 win prediction included us adding some kind of a middle-of-the-order hitter, such as Nick Swisher, Josh Willingham or Billy Butler. If you think we do something like that, have it be reflected in your vote. Use your own vision of  the team next year, and be honest about what you expect from it.

I will make another one of these before the season starts, and after moves have been made. It will be interesting to see what we do, and how the fans think it will affect the season.