Why is Millwood Still Pitching in September?


August 26, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Kevin Millwood (left) is taken out of the game in the seventh inning against the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-US PRESSWIRE

It is going to be a day filled with irritations, I can tell. I wrote a lighthearted article on another blog that was supposed to be a bit inspiring and of course, had to run into some chowderhead who had to pick a meaningless tidbit from my essay and correct me. It went like this. I innocently said that when the sun rises in September, as things cool down, the colors seem to be more vibrant. Well, Professor Peabody had to correct me in comments and tell me that actually the sun does not really rise. Oh, thank you Professor. I do stand corrected. Just what I needed, a twit attempting to make a point that had no point. Typical day on the Internet. Add that to my dog getting sprayed by a skunk this morning, and two of my clients getting into a fist fight last night and it looks like this will indeed be a banner day. The cherry on the sundae will happen later tonight when the Mariner game begins. Why?

Because 37-year-old Kevin Millwood is going to start another game for Seattle, which puts the win probability at a tick over zero. Every single game I hear about how young the Mariners are even though Guti is near 30, Ryan about the same, Olivo, if he catches or is the flipping DH is 34 and Smoak has almost 1,200 major league at-bats which means over half of the starters are not young by any measure. But okay, I will play anyway. Let’s agree to the common refrain of how young this squad is that we hear over and over again. Then why on God’s green earth is a 37-year old still in the starting rotation? Especially because his performance since the All-Star break-there is no nice way to say this-has really sucked.

Kevin Millwood in 59.2 innings after the break has a 1-6 record, with a 5.43 ERA, a 1.61 Whip, and opponents are hitting his weak stuff at a .325 average. How does one justify starting this guy who is obviously at the end of a solid career but fading fast when the Mariners are advertised as growing through a youth movement? Why not Erasmo Ramirez or (gulp) Hector Noesi or perhaps Charlie Furbush, just for fun? I don’t get it. Not one bit. Could someone, anyone, explain the logic? I must admit that Wedge is on my non-favorite turd list after ordering two bunts last night that both ended in disaster (I pretty much hate bunts) and probably cost King Felix the Cy Young the other night by leaving him in too long against the Angels-it wasn’t Cleveland, Eric. He had already lost to the Angels two other times- did he not know that? By the way, Coach Wedge, you might want to consider changing your steal sign.  Four pitch-outs in the last couple of games might be a hint.

Got to go and air my house out and get some more tomato juice for the darn dog and meet with the cops about the fight. Perhaps, Seattle will luck out and Pedroia, Ellsbury, Ross and Saltalamacchia will get suspended for brawling at a strip club or something. Then Millwood might be able to get out the remaining Triple A guys pretending to be major league players on Valentine’s new squad.

And by the way, since I am on a rant, would someone, anyone, please inform Mike Blowers that anyways is not a word?  Happy viewing, Mariner fans. Just think, we may get to see Kevin five more times this year pitching for the young Mariners.

P.S.–If Olivo starts tonight for the third straight night, I’m going to violently pee on my neighbor’s roses.