What To Do… What To Do


Well, the let down has begun. Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game, the first in Seattle Mariners history, and now after the peak of excitement we need something new to talk about. Well… there isn’t a whole boatload of content out there regarding the Mariners right now.

Yes, there is Hisashi Iwakuma, who had suddenly come out of the woodwork as a pretty good starter. Iwakuma survived the being banished by Wedge for the first two months of the season and has come on to be one of the teams better starters. The initial transition from the ‘pen was rough, but we now have a shinier version of the Japanese import, one that isn’t walking nearly as many batters and one that starting to get his HR issues under control. Next season the Mariners are going to probably going to lose one of Iwakuma or Millwood, they might want to seriously consider who they are interested in keeping.

Meanwhile, the Mariners have activated Charlie Furbush from the disabled list and in a concurrent move optioned Shawn Kelley to AAA. Furbush is another survivor or Wedge’s indifference, coming up early in the season to cement his position in the bullpen. I still believe that Charlie would be a excellent addition to the starting rotation, even if Eric Wedge has different ideas. The only opportunity it seems the left handed pitcher received in the rotation was last season, in which he wasn’t very good. Now the argument could be made not to mess with success, but if Furbush can bring his bullpen success to the rotation, success could use a little rearranging. If it doesn’t work out then he can always move back to the ‘pen, no harm no foul.

Since the acquisition of Eric ThamesCasper Wells has been seeing a lot less time on the diamond. As much as I like Casper, this “demotion” is not unwarranted. After his scorching hot recall, Wells has been on a downward trend, hitting .125 with no power and no patience over his past 10 games. His OBP has slipped to a measly .293 and even Trayvon Robinson has received more playing time. The future for Casper Wells isn’t so bright.

September is right around the corner and the babies are going to make there way up. There should be plenty to talk about.