Smoak, But No Fire… Seattle Demotes Their Struggling First Basemen


It seems Justin Smoak will dawn a blue uniform of another variety for the discernible future. According to Greg John’s Twitter account, Justin Smoak was informed of his future reservations after the conclusion of tonight’s affair. The Mariners have demoted Smoak to AAA Tacoma after months of fumbling around the majors, putting together an atrocious slash line of .189/.253/.320.

The product of the highly celebrated Cliff Lee deal, Smoak was the head of the best package the Mariners could have acquired at the time. Smoak has yet to put it all together, there have been spurts, oh have their been spurts. In these spurts we have seen the Smoak we believed we were getting. But the success has never been sustainable, and at this point I’m not sure it ever will be.

Many will argue that there is nothing for Smoak to develop in AAA except bad habbits, and I would have to argue that sentiment. He is completely lost right now, and while he isn’t going to suddenly figure out major league pitching in the minors, he can still develop some much needed confidence down there. Let’s not forget that the first basemen has seen less than 1000 minor league plate appearances, he was an extremely rushed commodity both in Texas and in Seattle.

This demotion may be the last chance to Smoak to salvage his career. He has plenty to learn about success in the majors, but his confidence is shot and the only way to build it again is to create continues opportunities for him to succeed on a daily basis. This can only happen at the minor league level.

Seattle now has two roster positions to fill. One undoubtedly goes to Carp, the other has yet to be determined. This move obviously has a very negative connotation attached to it, but in the end it may bring positive results. It’s been a rough day and a day of change, but hopefully these are changes for the better. The future is wide open and perhaps over the course of the next few weeks the Mariners team will have an entirely different landscape and a bright looking future.

May this move be just what the doctor ordered.