Trade Poll: Felix Hernandez


As the All-Star Break approaches, the rumor monster will awaken from its slumber. As the monster frantically spews it’s rumors across the baseball world, several Mariners are sure to be caught in the fanatical chaos.

Ah, the big kahuna. This has been a topic of dicussion the past couple of years, and figures to be a annual rite for the remainder of his time in Seattle. Should the Mariners trade Felix? Are the Mariners even considering it? Should they consider it? There are plenty of arguments to be made in favor of both sides. On the one hand you have one of the top 3 best pitchers in baseball, and it’s not as if those grow on trees. Felix is young, young enough to continue to grow with the youth movement and continue to contribute for plenty of years to come. On the other hand Felix is a rare trade piece, a piece that can bring in up to 3-4 elite players that you can insert into your organization and immediately contribute.

The decision will not be easy and I don’t envy the brain trust that is going to have to make the final “yes” or “no”. I have my own opinions on the matter, but how do you feel? Felix is not only one of the best pitchers in the game, but a cult like fan favorite. The Mariners will have more to deal with than just on the field repercussions.