Summing Up The Recent Transactions


The Mariners have finally decided enough is enough. Well not really, considering Chone Figgins is still wearing Mariners blue. Regardless of that transgression and this amazing tweet to complement it:

"It is impossible to take the Mariners’ rebuilding “effort” seriously with Chone Figgins not only on the roster, but hailed as a contributor."

So they didn’t make the move the entire fan base has been waiting for, but they attempt to shake things up a bit, even if injury and poor performances forced their hands.

This move has been coming for quite some time. Beaven was certainly not a major league starter, and while an arugment could be made to keep him around in the pen, sending him to the minors was probably the right move. The future for Beaven is now a bit in question and the Erasmo era has begun. Ramirez will likely bring better results to the table than Beaven, but I would caution fans to not become overly enamored with the young right hander. We tend to attach ourselves to these lower end prospects and hope for the best result, which commonly does not occur. Ramirez has the ability to be a decent major league starter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be one.

  • Perez for Delabar (Formally Delabar for the injured Pryor)

One hopes that Pryor can make it back sooner than later. Delabar on the other hand actually does have a purpose on this team, unfortunately it isn’t a prototypical one, and therefor it may not be the easiest purpose or role to notice. Delabar has been far better at getting lefties out then he has righties. Wedge is probably unaware of this, or doesn’t care to use him in such a manner. Either way, with two scoreless appearance under his belt already, you had to feel this promotion was temporary.  Perez will get the call, and will see his first big league action in several years. Many of you will remember Prez as being good with Pirates, and then later very bad with the Pirates. Many of you will remember Perez being very good with the Mets, and then very bad with the Mets. Which Perez will the Mariners get? No one can be certain, though I’m uncertain that even if he is good, that he maintains his roster spot all season. To make room for Perez on the 40, the Mariners designate Chih-Hsien Chiang for assignment. Many of us are and were high on the prospect, but after talking to a resource or two, we might want to damper our hopes just a bit.

One has to wonder if this Carp injury is just a bid to buy some time. Carp has been downright awful since his recall and while it is certainly possible that his shoulder has been re aggravated, it is also plausible that he just hasn’t been very good. Once this 15 day stint reaches on end the Mariners are going to one a difficult choice to make: Carp or Wells. Personally I would probably lean towards Wells, who would provide similar production and is a much better fielder. Gutierrez makes his triumphant return at the cost of Alex Liddi. While Liddi played well enough to probably justify staying on the team, he simply ran out of places to play. With Saunders permanently implanted in the outfield and Seager sticking at 3B, there was simply no place to put the Italian native. Gutierrez comes back with tempered expectations. With stories of a reformed body and complete control over IBS, high hopes blossomed as spring training approached. But that was then and this is now. Many of us don’t know what to expect from Guti. His playing time has been limited to just a few minor league games, and the muscle he regained was likely lost due to the inactivity required of recovery. Guti is going to get a bit a free ride, a so called adjustment period, for awhile. But sooner than later, the Mariners center fielder is going to have to start producing with the bat as well as with the glove.