The Demotion of Casper Wells


We could point out the obvious. With the emergence of John Jaso and Jesus Montero, Miguel Olivo has become redundant. Chone Figgins has become utterly useless and has doesn’t deserve to be on this roster. Oh and nevermind that the Mariners have yet to win a game since reinstating the #Nolivo twitter sensation. Extremely small sample and of course a joke, but undoubtedly this team just got worse.

I could go into how this team is worse, how the team should have just released Olivo or Figgins, I could go into these subjects, but I suspect you have already developed your own opinions on them and they likely mirror my own.

So instead I am going to rant a little. I have been feeling a bit feisty recently and while overall the organization has been mighty impressive in getting the organization on the right track and stocking a massively depleted farm system, they still continue to do those annoying baseball things that aggravate even the most relaxed fan.

Money makes you do some stupid things. Jack Zduriencik cannot deny that he and Wedge just made this team worse. Miguel Olivo will not provide any sort of upgrade over Casper Wells and neither will Chone Figgins. The team is worse. The team is obviously worse. In a vacuum, in a perfect world, money wouldn’t play a factor in these decisions. Obviously we don’t live in a perfect world and this is were the annoyance kicks in.

Demoting Wells is an excuse. Wells has become a scapegoat for one horribly bad contract and an Eric Wedge addiction. I’m tired of this aspect of baseball.

Release the bad players.

Keep good players.

I’m upset. We all know that you screwed up with Figgins and Olivo. I don’t buy that you admit “defeat” by releasing them. Do what makes you team better dammit.