The “I Told You So” Post That Is Way Too Early


It’s always dangerous to buy into something too early. There are a lot of people that jumped all over Kyle Seager‘s quick start and it’s not exactly foolish but he’s looking a lot like he was last year and because of the lack of walks he’s losing a lot of value.

But that’s Kyle Seager.

Alex Liddi is in a similar boat after a huge series in Detroit. Where he drove some pitches that were left over the plate and a lot of people are really excited about what he is doing. While he certainly is having a “more” real start than Seager it’s still premature to get too excited.

But that’s Alex Liddi.

Last year I had trouble keeping the faith. Last year I wanted so badly to believe and even in the off-season I admitted to having my foundation shaken. But just prior to the start of Spring Training I said that they needed to find a way to keep Saunders on the team as a fourth outfielder.

His defense was by far good enough to be a fourth outfielder and with the right match ups against right handed pitchers you might give him a little bit of confidence. I was hoping that confidence might lead to something.

Forget all that. Saunders has had some good moments and he’s had some bad moments. He’s not been quite as exciting out in the field has he had last season but he’s not bad and even has had some good plays.

Oh but the results. Granted he’s still swinging and coming up empty (12%) there is room for hope as he is showing restraint at the plate. He’s only been swinging at 24% of pitches out of the strike zone which 5% below league average. He’s driving the ball to the tune of 21% and has a babip of .308, not overly lucky just right.

He’s not there and really I should not be saying this, just yet. But I called that home run by him in the 9th (ask my wife) and then I completely lost it with that grand slam (I think we all did) that he hit against left handed pitcher and one of the better guys in the Blue Jay bullpen so far this season.

So let me have this moment and say “I TOLD YOU SO!”

He’s still got plenty to prove but and he needs to make more contact but he’s driving the ball and hitting for power this year. These are important signs and improvements that are drastic, critical and equally exciting. Mike Carp better watch his back or Saunders could end up stealing his job when him and Gutierrez return.

Though would that really be all that bad? Carp is forced to the DH, Montero to Catcher and no Olivo… yeah… I’ve got no problem with that.