4/14/2012 Game ‘Cap


Well how about that?

Our Yankee acquisitions paid massive dividends tonight. Hector Noesi came out dealing, tossing 8 shutout innings while only allowing 5 hits against 6 strikeouts. And of course there is Jesus Montero, who collected his first two extra base hits of the season with an insurance double and with a mammoth blast to straight away center.

It sure seems as if Montero is becoming more and more comfortable here is in Seattle . After getting off to a slow start in his first few games Montero has settled in nicely and has raised his SLG% to .451. Montero now has 10 hits on this young season, 8 of them being singles. Yet today he displayed just how easy it’s going to be for him to collect those extra base knocks. His home run to center was a easy smooth swing, and it left the ball park in about 4.5 seconds. Montero is growing exceedingly comfortable, and the home runs are only going to follow as a result.

Noesi’s pitched a helluva game tonight. On top of stitching together a beauty of a shutout, he also managed to produce 9 pop ups today. Dave, author of USSM, informed me that IFFB is somewhat of a repeatable skill, but a difficult one to track. However, if Noesi can figure out how to induce infield fly balls on a repeatable basis, it is a very interesting skill to have in his repertoire. Something to keep an eye on as Noesi’s season progresses. Montero said that Noesi had his fastball and changeup working tonight, which I think is going to be a pretty typical statement when he is on his game.

It’s always fun to watch your team win. Yet is is even better when both dimensions of your team are on there game. Offensive output and dominating play on the mound is just about as good as it gets for baseball fans. Blake Beavan takes the hill tomorrow and I would suggest being on the lookout for John Jaso seeing how it is a day game after a night game. However, Wedge ingeniously played his cards right tonight sticking Miguel Olivo in the DH slot, so that he can have an excuse to play him tomorrow. Mariner fans will likely have some lackluster defensive play to defile their eyeballs tomorrow.