Matt Fox Matt Fox

Minor League Rosters Set


AAA Tacoma Rainiers

RHP – Matt Fox
LHP – Charlie Furbush
LHP – Sean Henn
LHP – Cesar Jimenez
RHP – Shawn Kelley
RHP – Josh Kinney
RHP – Jeff Marquez
LHP – Oliver Perez
LHP – Mauricio Robles
RHP – Chance Ruffin
RHP – Forrest Snow
LHP – Anthony Vasquez

C – Brandon Bantz
C – Guillermo Quiroz

IF – Vinnie Catricala
IF – Luis Jimenez
IF – Johan Limonta
IF – Luis Rodriguez
IF – Scott Savastano
IF – Carlos Triunfel

OF – Darren Ford
OF – Carlos Peguero
OF – Trayvon Robinson
OF – Mike Wilson

After examining the pitching roster, I’m a bit disappointed that Furbush has been relegated to a bullpen role. Outside of Snow and Robles, who is supposed to interest me as a starter? It is not as if the rotation is looking super crowded, or that any of the other options are exponentially better than Furbush. Catricala was a surprising and unsurprising addition all at the same time. His lack of innings above A ball could have justified having him start the season in AA. Yet with the spring he put together, his ascension to AAA hasn’t come without warrant. Peguero, Robinson, and Rodriquez figure to be the group spending the most money on gas; ping-ponging back and forth between Seattle and Tacoma. Triunfel is a player to keep a close eye on; repeating his second year in AAA, hoping to prove to the organization that he’s still got it.

AA Jackson Generals

RHP – Carter Capps
RHP – Andrew Carraway
LHP – Steve Garrison
RHP – Steven Hensley
LHP – Danny Hultzen
LHP – Bobby LaFramboise
RHP – Brandon Maurer
RHP – Yoervis Medina
LHP – Brian Moran
LHP – James Paxton
RHP – Stephen Pryor
RHP – Taijuan Walker

C – Ralph Henriquez
C – Jesus Sucre

IF – Leury Bonilla
IF – Eric Campbell
IF – Nick Franklin
IF – Francisco Martinez
IF – Gabriel Noriega
IF – Rich Poythress

OF – Denny Almonte
OF – Daniel Carroll
OF – Johermyn Chavez
OF – Chih-Hsien Chiang
OF – Joe Dunigan

Easily the most exciting roster in the system next season. Not only do you have the “Big 3” (Wow I sound like an early 2000’s Oakland fan),  but the roster also features Franklin, Chavez, Chiang, Pryor, Capps, Martinez, Carroll, Almonte, and Poythress. This team is going to be a force to be reckoned with; they poses the rare ability to score runs and prevent them.This roster is so packed with so much interest, including guys we don’t really talk about anymore such as Dunigan, Bonilla, and Noriega. I am probably going to end up following this team almost as closely as I do the Mariners themselves.

High A High Desert Mavericks

RHP – Jonathan Arias
RHP – Tyler Burgoon
LHP – Roenis Elias
LHP – Anthony Fernandez
LHP – Jimmy Gillheeney
RHP – Austin Hudson
LHP – Jose Jimenez
RHP – Willy Kesler
RHP – George Mieses
RHP – Jandy Sena
RHP – Carson Smith
RHP – Chris Sorce
RHP – Tyler Stanton

C – John Hicks
C – Jack Marder

IF – Patrick Brady
IF – Mario Martinez
IF – Brad Miller
IF – Steven Proscia
IF – Stefen Romero
IF – Mickey Wiswall

OF – James Jones
OF – Michael McGee
OF – Julio Morban
OF – Kevin Rivers

One particular name I am exceedingly happy to see on this roster is James Jones. As I have discussed before Jones is in the brink of becoming irrelevant, so what better way to boost his confidence than to put him in the hitter friendly confines of the California Desert. If Jones can’t succeed here, it’s probably over for him. Other names that should benefit from the friendly desert air includes: Brad Miller, John Hicks, and Jack Marder. Interesting group of guys, not a whole lot of pitchers to watch, but you’ll notice that is pretty typical of this team.

Low A Clinton Lumber Kings

RHP – Wes Alsup
RHP – Josh Corrales
RHP – Tim Griffin
RHP – Ambioris Hidalgo
LHP – Cameron Hobson
LHP – Kyle Hunter
RHP – Stephen Kohlscheen
RHP – Stephen Lande azuri
RHP – Trevor Miller
RHP – Brett Shankin
LHP – Jordan Shipers
RHP – John Taylor

C – Steven Baron
C – Michael Dowd
C – Carlton Tanabe

IF – Jharmidy DeJesus
IF – Dillon Hazlett
IF – Ramon Morla
IF – Dan Paolini
IF – Anthony Phillips

OF – Jean Acevedo
OF – Jamal Austin
OF – Jabari Blash
OF – Guillermo Pimentel
OF – Mario Yepez

I’m a bit disappointed to see Blash on this roster. The team could have easily stuck him up in High Desert and observed the fun. He is still young though, so I guess this is a fine place for him…for now. Pimentel is a name to keep an eye on as well, but if he has to improve upon his poor plate discipline and a lackadaisical approach in the field. Keep your eyes on Shipers, Morla, and DeJesus; one or all of them could surprise you.

Notably absent from any rosters are Marcus Littlewood, Nate Tenbrink, Christian Carmichael, Tyler Marlette, and Dennis Raben. I’m looking into the reasons currently*.

*All players are still in AZ learning a new position or recovering from injury.