You win one you lose one


And so the Mariners will depart Japan as the team the baseball world predicted they would be… A .500 club.

Today’s game was a downer, with the only bright spots coming from Smoak and Vargas. After getting off to a rip-roarin’ start, both Ackley and Ichiro plumeted back to earth today, posting zeros in the hit column and collecting no base on balls. The bullpen implosion was difficult to stomach and it ended up costing us the game, but then again the Mariners made Colon look awfully young out there on the mound, allowing the former star to toss 8 solid innings and while only managing a single run.

On a note of interest was Mr. Figgins’ position on the diamond today. One of the larger stories at the beginning of camp was the potential use of Figgins as a super-utility player. The story petered out quickly though, as Figgins spent limited time at any other position than 3B and CF.  Well, it maybe time for some new rumblings as Figgins manned LF today in place of the regular Mike Carp. The Mariners have a lot of teams to convince if they plan to move Figgins and his contract this summer. If Figgins can play multiple defensive positions adequately, his bat doesn’t have to make a full recovery…just a partial one. A super utility guy who can hit .260/.330/.300 is much more attractive to potential suiters than a guy with the same slash line who only play 3B. Get used to the idea, Seattle is going to do everything in their power to make Figgins look like a respectable ballplayer, hoping and praying another team finally takes the bait.

Overall, a disapointing game but it there are 160 more to make up for it.