Things I Missed, While I Was Out


First and very foremost, a big shout out to the incomparable Keith Myers, whom kept the lights burning strong while I was out gallivanting around Rome, Italy with the wife. It was an very, very good time and I highly suggest a person taking the time to see such amazing historical sights that lie in the valley of Pasta and Pizza.

1) We of all are aware that the Mariners have finalized the Jesus Montero/Michael Pineda trade. I still like it, I’m not sure I love it. But, it’s truely impossible to really understand the value that this trade provides either team. I’m excited about seeing dingers, sad about seeing less K’s. Montero is going to be a very good hitter and Noesi is a better pitcher than Blake Beavan and should slide into the rotation as #3 or #4 starter with the immediate pitchers available.

2) Kevin Millwood signed a minor league deal. I LOVE this deal. I know someone is going to see that I “liked” the trade but “loved” this deal and make a big deal. Whatever. The two aren’t comparable and are on two different levels. The most important thing to remember is that this has no risk and at worst case scenario he gets cut in Spring Training but more likely gets the 5th starter role as in my mind he’s a better at being Blake Beavan than Blake Bevan.

3) This doesn’t directly effect the Mariners, but I saw that the Boston Red Sox are in need of a move to clear a roster spot for Cody Ross and considering the Mariners are in search of arms for the rotation I thought “Hey, wouldn’t Andrew Miller be an interesting move?” That’s just pure speculation on my behalf and it’s not like the Red Sox seem absolutely sold on keeping him for 2012. One of my many crazy thoughts.

4) Prince Fielder sign that huge monster contract…

You know whats funny? I remember a few years ago when Buster Olney mention the new Seattle Mariners GM, Jack Zduriencik, in association with acquring Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers had thrown Cabrera out on the trade block and it was widely presumed that the Red Sox were going to make a move for him or Gonzalez. It was believed that Detroit couldn’t sustain such a high payroll. Now they are sporting a line-up of Cabrera, Fielder and Victor Martinez are all going to some how co-exist while absorbing roughly 55 million dollars of the payroll. This is crazy. CRAZY.

Cabrera is only signed for another 4 years and that takes him up to his 33rd year. I wonder, should this third base experiment not work out, what the future holds for him in the Motor City… Again, just simple conjecture on my behalf.