Prince Fielder Wait Is Finally Over


Prince Fielder finally agreed to terms with a team for a new contract. Yesterday, he signed a deal for 9 years, $214 Million with the Detroit Tigers.

The Mariners can finally move on. Personally I think they should have dropped the idea months ago, but that’ just me.

The truth is that the M’s got priced out of this a few days ago. When the terms being discussed were for a 6 or 7 year deal, the M’s were very much players in the discussion. Once the Nationals added an 8th year on Monday, it was over for the M’s. They didn’t really want to go 7, so 8 was out of line.

The fact that Boras convinced MoTown to throw in a 9th year into this deal is downright absurd. With Fielder’s weight problems and body type, there’s no way he’ll still be worth that type of money at 37. While this deal is not nearly as stupid as a Albert Pujols contract, it is still downright silly.

To the “sign Prince Fielder or else” crowd in the M’s fanbase, I don’t know what to tell you. This was never really going to happen, so getting your panties in such a bunch over this type of player is your own fault.

While the M’s aren’t better without Fielder, they are definitely better off. He is now so overpaid that his contract will cripple the Tigers for a decade. The M’s can now smartly use that money on 2-3 players that combined will easily out produce Fielder and wont tie up 23% of the teams payroll in a single player.