Some Interesting Jesus Montero Points


Because there are going to be plenty of “thank God, Jesus Montero is here to save our line-up”  (no pun … err.. religious innuendo intended) thoughts. I figured it would be fun to take a look at what he is projected to perform. Then I realised I had actually previously kind of ahead of the curve. Last month I took time to compare both Smoak and Montero entering in the season. Now we don’t have to worry one way or another as to who is better. We have both!

Here are a few more thoughts on Jesus Montero.

Brett Miller, former writer here on the blog, also added a really solid point on Twitter.

"Montero’s one pulled home run this year traveled 429 feet and was hit against Jered Weaver."

And the followed up with a message to me.

"@FS_SodoMojo That means the other three were opposite-field, obviously, which bodes well. Maybe Safeco won’t hurt him that much?"

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Then Maqman pointed out a great little comment by the user “everdisco” that was in Dave Cameron’s write up on Fangraphs.

"Age 18M.Stanton (A): 168wRC+ (540pa)J.Heyward (A): 145wRC+ (508pa)J.Montero (A): 142wRC+ (569pa)J.Upton (A): 118wRC+ (501pa)Age 19J.Montero (A+): 185wRC+ (198pa)M.Stanton (A+): 176wRC+ (210pa)J.Upton (A+): 151wRC+ (150pa)J.Heyward (A+): 148wRC+ (214pa)J.Heyward (AA): 192wRC+ (195pa)J.Upton (AA): 155wRC+ (306pa)J.Montero (AA): 152wRC+ (181pa)M.Stanton (AA): 110wRC+ (341pa)Age 20M.Stanton (AA): 206wRC+ (240pa)J.Montero (AA): —-J.Upton (AA): —-J.Hewyard (AA): —–J.Montero (AAA): 132wRC+ (504pa)J.Upton (AAA): 120wRC+ (68pa)M.Stanton (AAA): —-J.Heyward (AAA): —-J.Heyward (MLB): 134wRC+ (623pa)M.Stanton (MLB): 118wRC+ (396pa)J.Upton (MLB): 103wRC+ (417pa)Montero (MLB): —Age 21J.Montero (AAA): 120wRC+ (463pa)M.Stanton (AAA): —J.Upton (AAA): —J.Heyward (AAA): —J.Montero (MLB): 165wRC+ (69pa)M.Stanton (MLB): 138wRC+ (601pa)J.Upton (MLB): 132wRC+ (588pa)J.Heyward (MLB): 98wRC+ (456pa)Other than a questionable decision by the Yanks to keep him down longer (or maybe just a lower motivation for them to rush him), I’m not sure how you can say Montero’s numbers don’t match up."

The one thing that does need to be said is that while we can talk about offensive production and that’s what wRC+ it’s equally important to discuss how that production was … well produced. He swung and missed quite a bit and while it’s not Mike Stanton bad there are certainly a few concerns there.

It’s also equally important to remember that Upton, Heyward and Stanton are all atleast average defensive corner outfielder that are going to give added value to their teams. Montero is not that and won’t ever be that, thus why his value is lower in many peoples eyes.