This Just Happened


My Captain walked into work this morning (your night time) and I immedately hit him with the following hypothetical situation.

“Sir, you have abundant resources at your disposal. We are in need of a better product to use on the job than what we currently have. In this scenerio the product will be graded much like prospects in NBA 2k12 (because we play the hell out of that game at work) A+, B, C+/C-, ect…”

“We have a specific product that we use on a daily basis but it’s below average, a D+ if you will, and we should/need to upgrade. A and B products are currently on back order and despite having abundent resources we cannot purchase those at this time. You are left with the following two options C+ product or C – product.”

“C+ is an obvious upgrade over what we have, but the price for said product is the nearly the same price for a A or B product since neither are available. However, while only a marginal upgrade the C – product is cheap and affordable. Again you have an abundance of resources at your disposal and money isn’t a real problem. Considering the facts which one would you select?”

His first question was smart. “Is either product A or B eventually going to become available.” My answer: “It probably will, eventually, but we don’t really have a time table for that. At a minimum it will be 5 – 9 months before a said product like that makes itself available.”

He rubbed his chin. “Okay, well, I’d go with the C – product.”

I tried to hid my surprise and questioned him. “Why would you do that if money is no object?”

With a twinkle in his eye, he smiled and –almost with a laugh– saying “You have to be responsible and a good steward of your assets. While the money is abundant now it eventually will run out.”

Something to think about.