Brandon League Is Possibly Available, Your Exciting Mariners Headling For Today


Well, in not so breaking news Brandon League is supposedly available.

Who rights this stuff? Duh, Brandon League is available. I could have told you that. No he won’t come free, but it’s been pretty obvious that the Mariners certainly would discuss him. I swear sometimes people write the most inane crap out there.

Okay, I guess Jack could have thrown a few people off his scent by denying that the team would move him this winter. But it’s been talked about quiet a bit by the local blogsphere and he’s one of the few major league pieces that hold value to other teams. That kind of equals out to “dumb useless crap a computer could write, if given the correct algorithm.”

I’m not of the belief that the Mariners trading him is a signalling that the team is just “giving up” on the upcoming season, rather they are taking advantage of Leagues highest value in their estimation. So, I would panic if they end up trading him. Though trading him brings back flashes of arguments about Aardsma from last winter.

Someone said it here on the site, the best time to buy relievers is in the winter and the best time to sell relievers is mid-season, and I absolutely agree with that sentiment. There is the obvious counter, though, bubbled in a simple thought that we saw last year what happened with David Aardsma and his injury in the midst of the year prior to his free-agent, where we ended having to non-tender him and got nothing in return.

Now, I’m currently not in favor of trading League for various reason –the idea that we have money for Fielder but then should players League is such a catch 22– and really I’d name them but I’m too lazy to write out that thought. The real encapstulating thought is though, that I liked what the front office did with Aardsma and I think they aren’t done trying to keep him with the local nine, even if that’s while he’s rehabbing.

Getting back to trading League, I am curious as to what people estimate his current value. Personally I think he’s a solid end of the game reliever and one that is very underrated among many of the teams. Detroit, Boston and Cincinnati would only be helping themselves by acquiring such a talent. I would also like to mention Maimi as I feel they could also jump in to the game as they could be looking to help solidfy their bullpen, even with the addition of Heath Bell.

I had been avoiding talking about trading Brandon League this off-season simply because I don’t like the idea. I like Brandon as a person and I think he’s one of the few guys that I get pumped up to see when he starts his trot out to the mound.

Though who knows how a serious offer could change my mind. The Mariners still have holes left and getting controllable talent that doesn’t suck would be a huge positive for the suits upstairs.