Dan Cortes And Chris Gimenez Non-Tendered


Not really surprised that Dan Cortes got non-tendered. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in the last few weeks (since the likes of the Jaso trade) and I couldn’t really understand why the Mariners would rather hold onto Cortes than that of Lueke. That is unless they had no alternative, where there just wasn’t a market for Cortes. That could have come based upon his poor personal decision making, the serious injury that resulted from that poor decision making or the fact that he took some serious progression steps backward.

He hasn’t really had any problem with keeping his nose clean since coming into the organization, but his incident with breaking his hand left a sour taste in my mouth and he already had a disappointing season.

I don’t know. I’m not trying to “bury” the kid but there were starting to become a few red flags with him this past year and while I wish we would have gotten something in return for him, it just seems like there wasn’t much a market for him for a variety of reasons chief of which is probably the shoulder surgery.

I personally believe the real shocker in all of this is it looks like the Royals come away with “winning” the Yuniesky Bentacourt trade. Wouldn’t have guessed that two and half years ago, but due to the lack of production from Cortes and the fact that we paid Bentacourt to be terrible for both the Royals and Brewers.

Oh, as for Gimenez, I kind of feel bad for him. He still interests me behind the plate (laugh if you will but his numbers at least defensively have shown consistency over the past three years and are interesting enough to give him a back-up job), though he wasn’t ever going to make the team out of spring training and at this point in time he’s pure depth being a 4th or 5th string catcher. There is of course the off-chance that the Mariners could resign him to a minor league contract. It seemed as though Eric Wedge liked him well enough.

I’m not of the high opinoin that either will be retained by the organization. This is hardly a huge hit or anything to the roster.