Mariner Winter Meeting Rumors: Carlos Guillen


I’m not going to do this for every single little thing that comes out but I figured this had been repeated enough to have legs and it seems as if this could potentially play out in the next few days.

Of course according to knowledgeable baseball “guys” the Mariners aren’t the only ones in the running for Guillen’s services.

Currently, I’m actually surprisingly interested in this deal and think it could be a good move for the organization (pending on the contract, of course). He’s had a lot of injury problems over the years but with Seager around you could spell him often enough to where it should be too big of an issue.

Guillen still has a decent if not good approach to the plate and can drive the ball well. He isn’t going to hit home runs or play even average defense but he’s going to be a near average major league hitter and should be a step up from what they had last year.

Interesting thought here is that if the organization thinks of Seager as something other than a third basemen or uses him as a trade chip Guillen could be an interesting platoon with Alex Liddi. Guillen’s career numbers show that he’s a better hitter from the left side of the plate and considering his injuries the last few years it might help him out.

This is all pretty much wild conjecture at this point but interesting to speculate at none the less.

Reading a lot of the tweets across Mariner fandom it would seem the majority of fans don’t like the idea of Guillen coming back so don’t blast me because I have an opposing opinion. This is merely a rumor and not worth arguing about at this point.