Any Rumors > No Rumors


There are rumors that the Mariners are interested in Seth Smith, no duh. It’s like saying when the reports came out “suggesting” Mariners would indeed take a look at Prince Fielder this off-season, as if they really needed to announce that.

It just makes so much sense on so many levels that even Jack Zduriencik seemed like he wanted to laugh at the questions, though I’m sure he was glad to hear Fielder was a free-agent so we can start using a new caned statement opposed to the “let’s talk around not talking about another team’s player” drivel that was been used for the last 3 years as every media person throws out obvious trades and upgrades.

Realistically nothing has changed, the Mariners are going to be connected with any and ever realistic bat that’s available on the market either via free-agency or trade. I’m really not going to waste too much effort on this.

Great takes on Smith can be found pretty much at all the usual suspects… Proball NW, Prospect Insider and of course Looking Landing

Ultimately, I have nothing really great or profound to say about this possible transaction. It could be good or it could be bad. It depends greatly upon what the Mariners are willing to conceed in such a move and how the Rockies view that compensation.

Realistically we are still trying to figure out how the JJ Putz trade turned out for the Mariners as that thing is still changing. Obviously it was a huge win for the Mariners being that JJ Putz arm nearly fell off and they got some in return for his services.

Trades are so fickle and while I love talking them as much as the next guy when you have nondescript  information it makes it impossible to even rationally talk about.

Seth Smith with Casper Wells in left would nearly almost absolutely ensure that the Mariners got more productivity out of their left fielder than what they did in 2012. Which isn’t saying much being that the team finished dead last in outfield, and more specifically, left field production.

But it’s nice to know that rumors are starting to fly and things are starting to get interesting.