Gibberish and a Short Monologue on My Game 6 Experience


Well…I’ve found that to be the best writer I could be I need to do a couple of things. By and large the best thing I can do is just be honest with myself and those that read my content. So here goes that…

I really don’t want to write right now. I really don’t. I have no ambition and the majority of things that I would like to talk about right now are things that can be covered at a later date (aka Hot Stove Topics). But, being apart of the awesome Fansided network the content managers or site editors, or whatever my role is here at the network, we are required to write a minimum of 30 posts each month.

While some complain and whine and mention something about the “creative process” I tend to think that’s a cop out. Well… I did. Until now. Now, I just kind of want to go to bed and start this ground hog day thing that we have going in the desert, all over again. But I recognize that I have a responsibility to you the reader to come with some type of intelligent — well I’ve never really written anything too intelligent— content so that you can read and think, “wow, this guy is an idiot.” And go read something 20x better written.

This thought in and over itself makes me feel like maybe I should pass on this writing business. But, then my boss has to write me a letter when I don’t make “my quota”. So because I was lazy and didn’t write he has to write. Because I didn’t take the time out of my day, he has to loose time out of his. So let’s try to come up with a few random thoughts to jot down to keep the wheels in this cog spinning.

I could talk about last night’s amazing game, but really what are you going to get from the game that you didn’t get from the other thousands of writers, especially when you think about Jeff Sullivan providing headline commentary and Dave Cameron providing graphs.

The biggest bummer coming with the fact that I didn’t even to get to witness perhaps the greatest event in easily the last 3 World Series. Maybe even longer than that I really can’t remember anything in the last 10 years that really stands out since the 2001 Diamondbacks-Yankees World Series, which in my mind is one of the best World Series I can ever remember. The fact that I hold 2001 as my “gold” standard for a World Series is funny because I have no specific memory of the 2001 Season and the Seattle Mariners, despite the fact they set the record for wins.

But back to the game last night, I work 12 hr shifts —3 on 2 off—, but I’ve been especially tired of recently and so getting up 4 hrs prior to my shift to see the Ranger potentially win a championship didn’t sound especially appealing to me.

I walked into the chow hall with people standing around the screen mounted on a far wall. I got my breakfast to go (as per usual) and headed over to see what the final score was. Funny thing was that it was the top of the 10th. I couldn’t believe it.

A guy I work with brought me up to speed on the game.

Josh Hamilton steps up to the plate. I sat down for a moment, just long enough for him to hit a 2-run home run. I was disgusted and a little annoyed that I had witnessed what was most likely the biggest moment in Texas Ranger history. I could only imagine my little brother how crazy things are back in Texas with the rest of my family (all Ranger fans).

I walked to work and started doing all my prep for shift work. It’s tedious and I won’t get into details –mainly because I can’t. But, when Lance Berkman came up it was perhaps the most exasperating moment that I can honestly say I experienced all season. I could barely stand still, I was bouncing all over the place, and I’m sure just like many of you, he came up with that liner and I was so happy. Not really for me or in spite of the rest of the crow clan but more because it was something that seemed so impossible and it happened right before my eyes.

After that I kept nudging the guy next to me “walk off home run. Watch it, dude.” I thought was so going to call it and be awesome. But, alas it wasn’t meant to be. After this things started falling apart at work and I shouldn’t been concentrating on turn over but I really didn’t want too and nobody there really was going to blame me.

I don’t remember all the details of the top of the 11th but it was enough for me think that in the bottom of the 11th the Cardinals had it. I said it again, “Dude, watch it. Walk off home run!” I thought was so effing cute. I sat down to my computer after turnover was complete and Freese steeping up to the plate.

I looked down from my computer and my co-worker, who with great restraint  will go nameless, had left their ID on the desk. I grabbed it and did a quick trot out the door.

As that giant door shut I heard the entire ops center go nuts. I just stood there for a second. I knew exactly what had happened, and I had missed it.

So that’s my epic Game 6 story. I missed it and now as I type this some moron with a picture of the Ball Park at Arlington is sitting in front of me hitting on this girl. Do you have any idea how gross that is in a place like this? It makes my stomach turn. Why don’t they stop flirting and watch Cedar Rapids, which “btw” is awesome. Up and down, I just really enjoyed the movie.

We’ll have more coherent Mariner based thoughts tomorrow. But, for now go and enjoy game 7. I’m going to enjoy picking on my little brother about being a bunch of chokers.