Safeco Field Tax Ends


Huzzah! Taxes suck because it’s less money in our pocket. So, this can only be a good thing, right?

Four years ahead of schedule, the half percent food tax and two percent car rental tax has come to an end. Some dudes in suits who like to dig into our pockets wanted to extend it back in May, but it failed by a single vote. A single vote! I’d like to kiss that single voter on the lips.

So, what does this mean for you and your dinner plans this weekend?

If you were going to take your bride out for a steak dinner on Friday and the sub-total on the bill was$65.00, you’d take on 32 cents in extra taxes than if you pushed the date off to Saturday where your bill would be $71.18 post tax as opposed to $71.50 on Friday.

Big deal, right? The love of your life isn’t worth 32 cents?

Well, say you go out once a week and spend an average of $65 on meals because you like to go to decent places. Not amazing four star places, but not Denny’s either. You just saved $16.64 over the course of the next year. $66.56 over the course of the next four years that this tax was supposed to continue.

Maybe you work in an office and go to lunch three times a week with your pals. Your wife goes out once a week. Your average lunch bill, each, is about 10 bucks a day. You’ll now save 20 cents a week there which is $10.40 over the next year and $41.60 over the next four.

Combined, you’ve now saved $108.16. Over four years, that’s not a lot. But, times be tough mon! A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks and 27 bucks a year damn near buys you a ProspectInsider subscription.

Hey, Churchill, run a $27 special so your readers can justify taking their old ladies out for steak, man.