Series Preview: Yankees at Mariners


The Bronx Bombers come to town today. Or, perhaps they came yesterday evening and are waking up to the overcast skies this morning. Either way, they’ll be here starting tonight which means a few things.

  1. The Mariners could easily get swpt
  2. Felix could easily dominate the Yankees
  3. Jason Vargas could easily give up 35 runs on Wednesday

Let’s be positive, though! Yeah! Positivity rocks!

In this preview:

  • Graphical Explorations
  • Pitching Matchups
  • Brendan Ryan news!
  • Should We Wonder?
  • Graphical Explorations

This is Felix. Felix likes to beat the Yankees. He’s done most of this damage in the Bronx. in fact, his only start against them since 2008 that he hasn’t won was at Safeco Field. Dammit. I’m not dressing up like a clown in the King’s Court for nothing, Felix. Win. WIN!

It’s not like he’s been invincible against the Yanks, but he’s been pretty good. He’s dominated at times. He’s been good enough while not being his best other times. Felix is about as close to a Yankee killer as you may find.

I originally was going to put a picture of the Yankees trophy case next to that of an empty one, but googling “Yankees Trophy Case” comes up with pretty lousy results. In the top 25 results, there is a baseball covered in snow, the 2010 All-Star Game logo and a picture of Ichiro making a diving case. Mmkay.

  • Pitching Matchups

We’re once again denied a King Vs Chief matchup. I’d like to see it someday, even if it means having to turn down the commentary by game end. Felix, who was a hyped prospect and is good, faces Phil Hughes, who was a hyped prospect and is not good. Ah, the life of a Yankees farm hand.

Charlie Furbush takes on A.J. Burnett. One of these pitchers gets run support, while the other does not. Well, honestly, I haven’t looked it up. But, I’m going to be lazy and bank on my knowledge of the Mariners and Yankees offenses respectively and stick with that assesment.

Hey, hey! Jason Vargas pitched good last time out! He faced the Royals!

  • Brendan Ryan News

He’s been moved out of the two-hole tonight. This is awesome. I actually don’t hate Seager batting there if Wedge insists on batting Ackley third. Ryan did nothing to earn that spot back upon his return form the DL. He was really bad there for months.

  • Should We Wonder?

 The Mariners traded Cliff Lee to the Rangers last July for a Justin Smoak led package. As you surely recall, the M’s and Yanks had a deal in place for a Jesus Montero led package that fell apart when one of two things happened. I think the Mariners were too smart to not know of David Adams‘ medical risks and were yo-yoing the Rangers. Then again, the Josh Lueke debacle.

Who knows? What we have this weekend, though, is the first Smoak Vs. Montero series. It’s the first chance we’ll be able to see what we have and what we could have had at the samee time.

I personally think that even with Smoak’s inconsistency and shaky defense, he’s going to end up as the better player. Yankees prospects tend to get overvalued thanks to the media and I don’t think anyone feels Montero will be a big league catcher. His value is going to have to come from being a DH or as a first baseman on another team.

So, no, don’t wonder. Drink my Kool-Aid, man. Even if Montero bombs one tonight above the hand operated scoreboard and Smoak goes oh-fer, rest easy that we likely have the better player long term.