Seedlings To Stars Takes A Look At Charlie Furbush


Nathan Stoltz of fansided’s own prospect blog Seedlings to Stars take’s a pitch f/x look at Charlie Furbush.

"The interesting thing with Furbush is that he actually isn’t a finesse lefty, at least not in terms of velocity. He’s averaged 91.0 mph with his fastball this season. One might chalk that up to the fact that ~1/3 of his innings were in relief, but he’s still thrown the pitch at 90.7 mph for the Mariners (his time with Seattle consists of seven starts and just one relief outing).  – Nathan Stoltz"

Some of his thoughts are similar to that of what I came up with back in July when I first pointed out Furbush as a possible Seattle target. Keep in mind that blog post was 3 weeks prior to the trade.

"Furbush wasn’t on many people’s radar’s prior to the season but he’s jumped back showing that he’s over the Tommy John surgery. His velocity has shown to stay in the low 90s showing solid off-speed pitches. He very well may not be much beyond a back-of-the-rotation starter but I think he’s more like a middle of the rotation.I’m not sure how much the Tigers organization values Furbush but while they had an opening the rotation this season they chose to work him out of the bullpen. So, to me, I believe that the Tigers still see him as a 4th or 5th starter."

I am interested to know what you all think of Furbush after seeing him in 38.1 innings for Seattle. I posed the question to Nathan and I want to know what you all think too.  Use the voting buttons below.