Gameday 9/7: Jamey Wright is Old, Lineup, Happenings


The headline might be a bit misleading. Old is a word that could describe your grandpa. Or Jamie Moyer.

In this case, old is a mere 36. That’s five years older than me, and I don’t feel old! In baseball years, though, it’s pretty old. Especially on a team with 546 rookies. Only Ichiro is older.

When Jamey Wright made his MLB debut on July 3, 1996, this is what other future Mariners were saying:

Tonight’s Lineup!

9-L Ichiro
6-R Ryan
4-L Ackley
7-L Carp
3-S Smoak
2-R Olivo
D-R Pena
8-S Robinson
5-R Liddi

P Furbush

Things Happening

Alex Liddi makes his major league debut, playing third and batting ninth. It’s a semi-historic event as he’s the first something Italian born player in the majors in some time. I love Italy, by the way. If you ever have a chance to go, do it. Even if it costs you all your savings. Seriously.

Brendan Ryan is still batting second even after his futile performance last night. Using a lack of options isn’t a good excuse anymore.Just move him to ninth and slide everyone (except Ichiro) up one. That would suffice.

So, the Houston Astros might be joining the AL West, evening out the AL and NL. A second wildcard may be added. Huzzah, right? The Astros are awful and ran by fools. Well, yes, but they;re for ale. There’s a chance they won’t be ran by fools much longer. Huzzah in the short term, anyhow.

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