Game Thoughts – 08/29/2011


Adam may very well be working on a game recap. That’s his forte. But, I just had to share some thoughts that I had about tonight’s game.

  • Casper Wells has a really strong arm.
  • Dustin Ackley might end up being better than we had ever imagined.
  • Mike Carp destroyed a ball, depositing it in the second deck. At Safeco. On a breaking ball. Against a lefty.
  • Take this for what it’s worth, but there was a bunch of energy in the dugout late in a lost season.
  • Dave Sims thinks Bob Davidson is a good umpire. Don’t worry, Dave, I still like you. We all have off nights.
  • Don’t you dare count Ichiro out yet.

Ichiro snickers at the non-believers.

A fun win that a bunch of everything. More of this, please, M’s.