Draft and Roster Move Q&A


Since last night’s flurry of draft signings, I’ve had some of my buddies who think I’m some sort of baseball genius ask me all sorts of questions in relation to the draft, roster moves, etc (don’t worry, I assured them that I’m just a geek and not in the same class as a Cameron,a  Sullivan or a Churchill).

Screeeeeeeech! Hit the breaks, friend. I don’t want to step on Keith’s toes here. So please check out his post below. It’s really cool.

Anyhow, if my buddies are thinking this stuff, some others may be, too. Maybe they aren’t. I don’t know. But, my mom told me that sharing means caring, so here you go!

Question: Had the Mariners not signed Danny Hultzen, would he have been a free agent?

No. He’d have had to go back into the draft next season. He could play independent ball or XBox or something in the meantime. The choice would be his, but he couldn’t sign with a major league team.

Question: What about the M’s? Would they have totally blown their pick with nothing to show for it?

It certainly would have set them back in their rebuilding plan, but not all would have been lost. The Mariners would have got a compensation pick in the slot after their 2011 slot in the 2012 draft. Since they picked second overall this year, they would have got the third overall pick in 2012. They would also still get whatever 2012 first round pick they “earned.”

Question: Why was Hultzen added to the 40-man roster, and why was Chris Ray the sacrificial lamb?

Hultzen signed a major league contract. This required him to be added to the 40-man roster. Ray isn’t very good. He was a patchwork piece and the club can find relievers like him littering the free-agent class this winter. He is part of the biggest surplus of baseball players.

Question: Wait. So, Hultzen signed a major league deal? Is he going right to Seattle?

No. Signing a major league deal and being put on the 40-man just requires the team to immediately use one of his option years when they send him down to the minors. Most draftees go into the minor league system on minor league deals and have three full option years. Hultzen’s option clock starts ticking now, so if he struggles after a call up next season and is optioned, he’d only have one option year remaining. Dustin Ackley signed a similar deal.

Question: So will he be a free agent after five years, since it was a five year deal?

No. He’ll still be subject to the same arbitration/free-agency rules as any player. After the fifth season of his deal, he’ll just have to negotiate a new contract if one hadn’t been done before hand. The first five years are covered now, so the team won’t have to go through arbitration during that time.

Question: Ranch or mayo in your tuna?

Well, it’s funny. I hate mayo. It’s gross. Except in tuna, of course. I love ranch. Except in tuna, of course. Who actually puts ranch in their tuna?

Question: Okay, so what about Kevin Cron? Do the Mariners get the the third pick in the third round in 2012 now?

Nope. The third round compensation for non-signing players is different than the first and second rounds. The Mariners will get a third round supplemental pick. Whoever they take with that pick must be signed. There is no compensation for failing to sign that compensation pick.