From Stem to Stern:


Boston came to town with the AL’s best record, and yet our currently last place Mariners took 2 out of 3, and realistically could have won the opener. Overall it was a good series by the Mariners, who played well. Seattle’s offense has been a thorn in the side of Mariner fans all season, but it is really starting to look better over the past few weeks.

Captain: Franklin Gutierrez (5 of 11 (.455) hitting streak up to 7 games)
Walkin the Plank: Miguel Olivo (1 of 8 (.125) it’s a long time since he’s done much to help this team win)
Impressive: Mike Carp (5 of 12 (.417) with a double and 4 RBI)
Depressing: Wily Mo Pena (1 fo 8 (.125)  he gets this spot for not hitting any of his trademark monster home runs)

Series Notes:

  • I feel really bad for Justin Smoak. He’s been battling thumb injures for a couple months. It finally got bad enough that he had to miss an entire week went a hard hit grounder took a weird hop and smashed into his thumb. So he took some time off, got better, and came back only to have another weird hop bounce up and smash into face, breaking his nose and his cheek bone. Smoak is now on the DL, and wont be back for at least another 12 days.
  • Carp continues to hit. I keep waiting for him to slow down, but he hasn’t yet. Carp is definitely putting himself in a position to come into spring training next year with a roster spot that is locked up. I know most of us have felt he was just a AAAA player, but he is proving that he can hit major league pitching.
  • The resurgence of Franklin Gutierrez continued this series. His hitting streak is up to 7 games, and he’s had multi hit games in 5 of those 7. He’s been excellent in the field all year, but with his strength finally returning the results at the plate are coming on.
  • Wily Mo Pena make his Mariner debut in this series. Every at-bat is seems to be one where I find myself waiting for him to crush a ball 500+ feet. I know he don’t that very often, and that he will strike out a lot, but I still can’t wait until he shows off of a bit of his legendary power.
  • Charlie Furbush rebounded from a very poor start in Texas to get a solid win against the Red Sox. He seems to be what you might call “effectively wild,” which I expect will lead to inconsistency. Still, if he can find a little bit more control, he might have been a real steal considering all the other players we got in the Doug Fister trade.