Mariners Sign 5th Round Draft Pick Tyler Marlette


This is a bit a late being that it was reported yesterday, but oddly enough I hadn’t seen it up anywhere. There are about a dozen different reports so I had a few minutes this morning and decided I’d stop being lazy and throw something up.

As most will tell you he really made an impression on a lot of people in the AFLAC All-Star game, in which he hit a two run home run (in Petco) and won the MVP award. But, while this tells us he had one good game it doesn’t tell us much about Marlette beyond that he had a good game when it was important too.

I think that a lot of people are guilty of lumping him in with Baron, to include myself. While, the comp I guess has been floated around by a perfect game, since they are both former Florida prep products, but it just doesn’t work for me.

While we all like to knock Baron it’s simply for the things that we can put into a box score. He is a terrible hitter and while he certainly is making steps in the right direction it’s possible that he never reaches the AA level. But, the things that many of us don’t see is how good of a receiver he is. There are a lot of organizations, that looking back in 2009, thought Baron was the single best defensive catcher in the draft and that’s all we’ve heard since.

Alright maybe not all we’ve heard, but predominately we’ve heard good things that matches up with his scouting report.

Marlette isn’t the defender that Baron was and there isn’t the certainty that he even sticks behind the plate, though he has the tools to do so. But, while he isn’t a pure plus all around defender, he does have two plus tools, his power and his arm are both above average tools.

Being assigned to Pulaski is telling to me because I didn’t expect him to be thrown into things immediately. I thought for sure he’d head down to Arizona and work on some mechanics and an assortment of other things. So it’s telling in a way to me that the organization feels he’s ready jump into things.

He’s going to (and should) hit for more than what Baron has or will. That’s simply a bigger part of his game than what it was with Baron. They are two different catchers, not incredibly different, but still different non the less. Baron is more of a Molina brother prototype, while Marlette is more out of the John Buck school of cookie cutter catchers.

He signed for 3-times the normal 5th round money. It sounds like it was pretty important to the organization to bring him into the fold, despite how many catchers are already in the system.