Series Preview: Mariners At Rangers

By Editorial Staff

How the position players position us to win (hint: not well):

Data via FanGraphs

I need to figure out a better way to do this chart because wOBA is represented with such small bars due to that number being comparatively small to the others. Although, the contrast is quite different on the Rangers’ graph than ours. Sad face.

If I were to look at the above graphs, not knowing anything about either team, I’d let out a slight chuckle and move on with my day. Instead, I’m a fan of one team and envious a bit of the other. This isn’t like playing the Angels because I hate the Angels. I actually kinda like the Rangers. More so when they give us future pieces for a rental than when they’re beating us in baseball games.

Doing these graphs makes the whole Ichiro thing even worse, if that’s possible. I don’t believe he’s done as a useful contributor, though. Ichiro is so weird and different that it’s hard to peg what’s going on with both his body and mind. That fielding bar is really difficult to look at, however. I’m getting sadder. I better find something positive to examine.

Hey, look at Franklin Gutierrez! Boy, can he ever field!

The Mariners have pitched better than they’ve hit, so let’s peruse the pitching match ups, eh?

The Mariners get to face the Rangers in Arlington, which is pretty daunting on multiple fronts. Arlington is a hitters park where balls tend to fly over fences with relative ease. While this may help the Mariners, it also helps the Rangers. Since the Rangers are already better hitters – d’oh!

A Furbush and a Harrison will face off in game one. Game two pits two Rookie of the Year Award candidates against each other. Game three offers a lefty having a so-so year against a lefty having a so-so year. One of those lefties will show up with an offense in tow.

The Mariners don’t hit left handed pitching well. Worse than right-handers, even. So, sure, why not toss two of them at us when our season is already dashed? Ron Washington can be a real dick sometimes.

Science tells us that warmer weather means balls go further. It’ll be 104 in Dallas today, 108 tomorrow and 106 on Wednesday. If ever there was a time where the Mariners could hit some dingers, this has got to be it. Please, Mariners, hit some dingers.