Pitching match-ups! Pitching match-ups!

Series Preview: Mariners At Angels


Position players, for viewing and comparing pleasures:

Pitching match-ups!

All data from FanGraphs.

The Mariners hit right handed pitchers better than they do lefties. So, huzzah! Then again, they draw Jered Weaver and Ervin Santana. Boo! Weaver has been amazing all season, and it seems we call a rookie up every time we face him. So, naturally, get in there and good luck, Trayvon! Two starts ago, Santana threw a no-hitter. In his last start, he only gave up a run. Good timing for us to roll into town.

Jason Vargas has had a really rough stretch lately. Maybe he’s not as good as he started the season, but I don’t believe he’s nearly as bad as the results have shown lately, either. After posting a BABIP of .214 in June, the number ballooned to .322 in July. His career mark is .281 so there’s reason to believe he’ll catch a few more breaks soon and not look so bad.

To those behind the Dustin Ackley rookie of the year talk, not only should you not look past Michael Pineda yet, but there’s this Mark Trumbo kid who has been mashing and playing solid defense all season. While the media still mentions Pineda a lot when discussing the award, you’re going to hear Trumbo’s name more and more.

The Angels offense isn’t great. They rank 21st in runs, 20th in homers and 20th in team OPS. Of course, well, yeah, the Mariners are markedly worse in each. I wish was afforded the ability to cherry pick a few stats that the Mariners are better at. I can’t, because they don’t exist.

But, hey! King Felix on Sunday! Dustin Ackley all three days! Trayvon Robinson! Whoo!