Why I Believe Erik Bedard Still Gets Traded


Even though Bedard had a terrible night last night there are reasons to believe he could and most likely will still be traded sometime in the next 24 hours. I know that the results weren’t very good but the peripherals, which some might say are more important, were all there. The curve moved well and had solid break, the velocity was very good. The real problem lies in his command and control over the pitches. But being that he hadn’t pitched in over a month he was bound to be rusty.

The importance of last night was really that he was healthy. Now, what sucks about him getting so shelled last night is that it limited other teams opportunities to see how many pitches Bedard could throw and how his stamina would hold up.

Now the pitching market left looks something like this

NameTeamPotential issues
Hiroki KurodaDodgersSteep asking price ; plus Kuroda may not even approve trade
Erik BedardMarinersInjury issues
Ubaldo JimenezRockiesSTEEEEP asking price
Jeremy GuthrieOriolesLimited upside
Aaron HarangPadresHave to beat Type-B compensation;
Jason MarquisNationalsLimited upside
James ShieldsRaysSTEEEEP asking price

Outside Guthrie, Harang and Marquis there isn’t a lot of other compitiion and Bedard is clearly the better pitcher. The only real hang up is the health question mark. Kuroda’s stance of wanting to stay in LA really helps the Mariners and even with the poor performance of Bedard last night it only lowers the Mariners asking price it doesn’t completely destroy it.

Instead of maybe asking for the moon or someone like Ryan Lavarnway + a lesser prospect from Boston, they maybe more forced to take on a package of someone like Drake Britton and Lars Anderson. Both really good prospects in my mind, that both come with a few scuffs or problems.

Anderson could be an interesting guy but really hasn’t ever fulfilled expectations and the power hasn’t manifested itself in the same way people had thought. Britton has some great velocity for a left hander and a good curve ball but the command has been pretty shaky this year. However, both have very good talent and could be more than what they are now.

Who knows there are other interesting Boston prospects such as Henry Ramos and maybe the Mariners could even pry away Chih-Hsien Chiang, who has had a really good year in AA.

I give Boston Red Sox prospect examples because to be honest, it’s the farm system that matches up best in my eyes with the remaining organizations that are seeking pitching upgrades.

That’s not to say that Boston is the only team left that is looking for pitching upgrades. There are a few teams out there and lord knows that the Yankees most likely don’t want to start off a series by throwing Sabathia, Burnett and then Colon. They can balk all they want at Colorado’s standing but I have to think they are desperate for a pitcher and if they aren’t going to leverage their farm system a couple of interesting pieces sent to Seattle might look better.

It’s pure speculation of course and that’s the beauty of this time of year. The next few days should be increasing interesting. Merry Christmas in July!