The Result Of Monday’s Poll


So, I posted a little poll between two different light hitting.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for, I think the majority of everyone figured out which one was Chone Figgins. If you cared to know the second individual was Jose Lopez and the numbers were from his 2006 season.

I used those numbers specifically because they were weak, yet still provided a positive WAR. Chone Figgins peripherals are interesting. Because there is something still in them despite his seemingly futile effort.

I’m quiet in agreement with Keith that Figgins needs to be played on a daily basis. You can argue that there are better options but the fact is there really isn’t. I like Seager and I’m not quiet convinced he needed to be sent down. But, he was and that leaves Figgins and Kennedy. If there were better options the Mariners would be using them.

Not the best argument I realize. But take this for example. In the last month the amount of line drives that Figgins has hit is quiet impressive. Would you believe it’s over 20%?  He’s not getting as many infield hits (7.9% career vs. 5.3%) but then again it’s not the lowest in his career.

I still am convinced that Figgins is not as bad as he appears. I know he isn’t much fun to watch and making this case after the guy has struck out three times makes me look insane. But, I’ve never claimed to be anything other than.

Here is a fun game. Let’s make a list of guys with batting averages on balls in play less than .250 and yet more than 19% of those hits being line drives.

Adam LaRoche0.2050.31019.10%20.40%
Chone Figgins0.2090.32918.40%23.00%
Kurt Suzuki0.2340.27219.40%18.40%
Brian Roberts0.2360.31422.50%23.10%
Brandon Inge0.2370.28219.10%17.80%
Evan Longoria0.2380.30919.20%19.60%
John Jaso0.2400.26719.10%17.60%

Are all those guys done? After 160+ plate appearances? Are you saying there is no chance they rebound and turn around?  Oh and by the way Evan Longoria is still posting a wOBA of .335. The dude is pretty awesome, even if he can’t find his cap.

I’m not saying that Figgins “must” regress positively. That’s what we screamed all last year and while he had a solid September the majority of the year was annoying. This year is worse and the numbers in plate discipline explain a bit more.

While he continues to make contact the type of contact has been the difference in results. So far this year he’s swinging at a career high 25% of pitches outside the strike zone while making contact with the majority of them. He’s also seeing less pitches inside the strike zone as a result. He’s swinging-and-missing at a career low 3.9%.

So in summation he’s swinging at more bad pitches, missing less often and not getting as many hittable pitches.

Something doesn’t sit right with me and it feels like someone tinkered with his approach to the plate.The amount of pitches he’s swinging at out side the zone reeks of over aggressive approach and it’s not something that Figgins has ever been.

He’s a guy that continually make career off walking, slap hitting and being a wrecking force on the base paths doesn’t all of a sudden forget how to do all that. I’m not saying put him in the leadoff spot. But, I have to think that the Mariners are going to get screwed over in any deal.

If I’m the Cincinnati Reds or some other team (yes, Milwaukee I’m looking at you) with an infield/lead off  need and I have a chance to jump on a practically free Figgins I do it.

Mark my words Figgins isn’t done and he’s going to go on and be a useable player for another team on our dime. Just knowing that sucks.