He Loves Us, He Really Loves Us…


"There are rumors are rumorsThe novel of a possible trade to the Yankees is an issue that causes much grace Hernandez.“I wish I tied over Seattle. Changes are rumors alone, I think I will stay in Seattle for a while, right now we’re playing more than a good baseball and I think I will change, I’ll be my three years contract I have left and a little more, say it there, buddy, “he asked his agent Wilfredo Polidor.” I want to sign for more. At least five añitos more, “he said.“It’s an honor to be there. My heart is in Seattle, although I have in mind that this is a business and you can not decide, but if it were me, I stay in Seattle because I love the city, live there, the policy I treated well, the fans love me, is all, and I have to complain about anything, “he said.The King Court is part of love and feeling that are in the cold by Felix Seattle. “That’s crazy. The fans go crazy there are louder than the stadium together. ”  – Felix Hernandez"

There was a nice little article linked by MLBTraderumors, that I translated as best as I could through the amazing help of google translate… so I guess I really did none of the translating or work. But I take full credit… of what I’m not sure.

Anyways, the article is interesting and while it’s about as readable as one of my long drawn out blog posts most of you guys can manage to decipher what I’m saying there so I’m sure making out translated Spanish to English can’t be that much harder.

This just goes to certify that the Mariners have no business trading Felix. Sure, a lot of that opinion is based upon emotion and my personal feelings towards the man. But, that’s apart of the game. You hear about it during the All-Star game how players build relationships an effort to coax them during free-agency to their team.

This may be a business but never underestimate the power of relationships in this game.