Random Trade Deadline Thoughts: Kyle Seager Edition


As I referenced yesterday, Lonnie (of Mariner Central fame) and I talked on the phone for around 30-40 minutes yesterday. While the phone call itself was primarily about Kyle Seagers‘ call-up I posed him the following question: “Of all the guys in the system, if you were going to move one at the deadline to upgrade the team would it be Carlos Triunfel?”

See, I’ve been trying to rack my brain about what to do at the trade dead line. I’ve thought about  what the possibility of trading for a big name such as Andrew McCutchen, Matt Kemp or even Hanley Ramirez, simply because I still believe that if you are going to invest you invest long term, but I’ve also considered what a Ryan Ludwick, Melky Cabrera, or Dave DeJesus and what they could provide for this team even in the short term.

Maybe it’s those years in the mid-90’s where we gave up much of our minor league system in order to “go for it” while being mixed with some of the “Bavasi-blunders”. Whatever the cause, I have a hard time letting go of prospects. That said, part of my dislike for the Kyle Seager move yesterday is that I’m scared that this may cool all of the front office hype that has centered around him in the last month.

Regardless of whether or not he’s the future at third base (and don’t let me get started on the “power” argument) if the Mariners are going to make a move in the next 45 days or even in the off-season their best shot at getting better is by using Kyle Seager as a trade chip.

See, I view Seager as our best “moveable” asset. Hearing the few things that I do in terms of the Mariners organization, it would seem that the name on all other teams lips is Kyle Seager.

Now, you look at Seager and what he has done over the last 4 months maybe a great deal of his talent but we also have to attribute some of his success to being luck driven. That said his value around the league may just be the highest it ever gets and in my view he may never reach his trade value in terms of production. There is a lot of hype around the league with Seager and from I’ve heard he’s generated interest by a few teams.

Dave Cameron mentioned the possibility of moving Michael Saunders and/or Carlos Triunfel. I’m not against either of those suggestions. In fact out of all the “meh” outfielders that we have (Peguero, Carp, Halman and Saunders) Saunders, in my mind, may just have the most value because of his proven ability to play center field.

I don’t mind moving Triunfel as there have been talks about his attitude issues and assortment of other off the field problems over the last few years. But he’s made a lot of adjustments this year and I tend to believe he’s grown up a bit through all the experiences.

I will say that I’m a bit disappointed that he gets moved off shortstop in favor of Nick Franklin, while Tacoma continues to use an assortment of crazy options that include Alex Liddi. Seeing as much as I have of Triunfel over the past 2 years, I believe he could still be an average major league shortstop from a defensive perspective. If a team wants to take him in a trade as that “type” of talent great! I have no problem with that type of trade. But, I just don’t think he’ll return the type of value that he’s really worth.

So what I’m saying is I’d keep Triunfel in any deal this summer/off-season (short of actually getting his worth in a deal) and deal Seager in an effort to upgrade this offense. Packaging him up with Saunders and someone like Blake Beavan and I think it’s enough to get an above average piece that still has a few years left on his deal. Maybe someone like Billy Butler, who is a great right handed bat that uses the whole field and would fit nicely in at DH for the next three and a half years on his contract.

The Orioles outfield is getting crowded and not just with the ever popularly mentioned Luke Scott. There is also Nolan Reimold, Nick Markakis (who has a long term contract) and there is a possibility of Xavier Avery pushing Adam Jones to a corner in the next couple of years.

A cheaper name out there is Chase Headley, while not a great power hitter is a solid hitter and at very least average defensively and maybe even a little bit better than that at third base. He hits his first year of arbitration this off-season and the Padres may not view his production worth to his price tag. Maybe Detroit loses it’s faith in Ryan Raburn and tries to fill 2b for a play off run?

I’m not saying you have to give up Seager for any of those deals but it makes getting a premium bat all the easier. Headley in my opinion isn’t all that better than what I think Seager will be in the future. But maybe that’s where you can deal off Triunfel instead.

Same with Raburn who is a pull happy guy and may really struggle in Seattle. But what if we flipped Adam Kennedy + a fringe prospect (Kenn Kasparek)?  Raburn has shown a good bat and putting him back in left field instead of forcing him to learn a new position I think could put him back on the right track.

There are some interesting names out there and the Mariners don’t have to move Seager by any means, I know and understand that and this isn’t entirely just about Seager, it’s about the rest of the Mariners farm system. Which above High Desert there isn’t a lot of high quality talent and that’s what most teams are looking for in terms of prospects. Guys that are in AAA-AA category. Guys that will within limited amount of time be able to contribute.

Don’t get me wrong I’m excited to see Kyle Seager play tonight but I still think he’s best served as a trade chip this July or coming off-season.