International Free-Agency Kick-Off


I’m going to use this as just kinda of a running blog of assorted notes for today. As things come in I’ll post it here.

The Mariners are reported to have already signed OF Jose Leal out of Venezula late last night. He’s an athletic outfielder with some raw tools. He’s not much in the way of immediate wow factor (6’3, 190) but you never know with these sorts of things.


The Royals signed OF Elier Hernandez for $3.05 Million this morning.

UPDATE 10:25

Wow, I walked away from the computer and bam, bam, bam. Deals being thrown down.

First and most important the Mariners signed OF Helsin Martinez. That’s solid news, I don’t know if he’s as good as Phillips Castillo (Mariners top out field signee in 2010) was but he’s definitely a solid prospect to have. More on him later.

Tigers Sign 3B, Adelin Santa, Pirates Sign OF Harold Ramirez, then the biggest shocker is the $5M bonus that the Rangers gave to OF Nomar Mazara.

Mazara is, in my opinion, well within the discussion for top-5 position player in this class. But hardly worth a record setting sign. This is a game changer and I really hate how the Rangers consistently have to do this.

UPDATE 10:45

As for some information on Helsin Martinez, he’s a right handed corner out fielder that has plenty of pop and a quick swing. He has some mechanical problems that need to be ironed out and cause him some issues against top tier velocity. But I’m not worried about that. Guys with this type of athletic ability should have those things ironed out by pro trainers.

What I’m more concerned or … maybe rather interested to hear about, is his defensive ability. All reports have him as a corner out field. This doesn’t surprise me with hearing about his size (6’5, 190). I’d like to know how his arm strength is and some notes on his foot speed. I worry about him being forced into a first base role in the future.


Had to do some stuff around the house let’s look over what’s gone on so far.

Cubs signed “SS” Enrique Acosta and Padres Sign catcher Jose Ruiz.

I like Ruiz, he’s got a chance to stick at catcher and he’s shown above average raw power. He should be a solid prospect for this team going forward. Acosta is a great pure hitter. He’s got a few things to work out and he’ll most likely move to a corner either (third or right field) but he without a doubt he should hit.

Those that are asking still no news on Victor Sanchez. I don’t know if he’ll even sign today so just be patient. We’ll update this as things happen.


I totally missed the signings of Ronald Guzman and Miguel Gonzalez.

Guzman signing with the Rangers is a great deal for them and keeps that farm system full. But what I don’t get is that they sign him for 3.5 while signing Nomar Mazara for 5. Craziness I tell you!

Gonzlaez signs with the Twins and at only 650k, I think it’s a steal. Good job by their scouting department to get things done with him.


The Cardinals signed a pair (Jose Godoy and Dewin Perez), the Rangers appear to be close to signing Pedro Payano and then the Braves (Iosif Bernal), Indians (Francisco Miguel), and Mets (Jose Garcia) also all have been busy.

It’s been a long day and while the Mariners have signed two two guys themselves, the big fish (Victor Sanchez) seems to still be swimming around. It could be a few different minor things that have kept a deal from coming together just yet so I wouldn’t be worried just yet.

The Mariners aren’t known for losing out on young guys in the International market. There is a reason they are always in on all the top guys. Bob Engle consistently puts the Mariners in a position to acquire the very best talent on the market.

Overall it’s a little unsettling that the Rangers got two top hitters and are likely to be coming away with yet another piece in right hander Payano. But, remember that the dust hasn’t settled and there are plenty more guys available.