2011 Draft Signees


Well, just a quick update on some of those that we drafted signed yesterday afternoon/evening. Here is a quick run down of each of them.

Daniel Paolini (10) 2B – Think Dan Uggla here, only not … Paollini has good power though I do worry about the overall ceiling, his floor is high and he should do well either in Everett or Clinton, whichever he ends up at.

Cameron Hobson (11) LHP – This was pick I really liked and I think that Hobson will make short work of Everett. There is a little bit of a starting pitcher log jam up in Clinton right now but should clear up soon.

Michael Dowd (12) C – People have mentioned some positives with Dowd and his defense and if nothing else he should be a help to a very young Everett rotation of Shipers, Campos, Diaz and Landazuri.

Jamal Austin (13) OF – From all I can tell he has a decent hit tool with plus speed and average defense in center. Not thrilled but if nothing else he could make watching minor league games enjoyable.

Cody Weiss (14) RHP – Good velocity, works 92-94 out of the bullpen. Has no out pitch but should carve up the Northwest League pretty good and will most likely function as the Everett closer.

Nate Melendres (17) OF – He is one of those average at everything great at nothing types. He profiles to have above average speed, good at making consistent contact. But, has little-to no power. He’s a little underwhelming but I’m pretty sure he’ll do well against pitching in the northwest league.

Dillon Hazlett (20) 2B – An NCAA Division-II stud, Hazlett has some work to really prove what he can do. Reports are that he profiles average raw power, plus speed and is a good athlete. He may have dropped due to lack of scouting. Some people have talked about a move to center.

Joe DiRocco (21) RHP – Sits in the low 90s-high 80s with his four seam fastball but he excells due to at least average command and decent secondary offerings. He is someone that will pick on young hitters but have problems with legit college talent.

Kenneth Straus (26) 3B – About as ambiguous information as there is on any guy drafted by the Mariners.

David Colvin (27) RHP – Fastball/Slider combo… average. He doesn’t thrill me but he isn’t horrible either.

Brett Shankin (28) RHP – Solid sinker ball pitcher with average velocity and below average secondary pitches.

Kyle Hunter (31) LHP – My favorite 30 round+ pick … ever? Maybe over stating it simply because these types of late picks don’t usually work out. BUT, I had Hunter in my top 10 rounds and to see him drop this low is exciting to me.

Below average velocity Hunter works in the high 80’s but has good command and an average slider that can generate some swings-and-misses. His change up as I see it is a plus pitch but others might just simply say it’s either slightly above average to merely average. I like it’s depth and movement.

He should eat up the lower minor leagues as he has a great combination of how to pitch a long with the ability to execute. He could turn into something of a James Gillheeney.

Alex Sunderland (38)RHP – Not a lot of information… He’s a D-III guy that didn’t put up any type of great numbers.

Chris Andreas (39) OF – ‘Meh’ He hit 12 home runs for Sam Houston State. you have to have power to do that … plus mediocre pitching…

Trevor Miller (40) RHP – ‘Meh’ Has a fastball … his high school coach called it dominating…I’m not buying into it. Last year in CC he had 60.1 inn, 29 K’s.

Robert Shore (41) RHP – ‘Meh’ Had a BB/k/9  of 3/7 … ‘meh’

David Villasuso (42) C-  defense first (… only?) catcher

Marcos Reyna (43) RHP – Perfect game says that he pitches in the high 80s but has good arm speed… doubt anythign comes of it.

Josh Corrales (44) ‘See above’

Charles Jimenez (45) ‘Meh Redux’

Max Krakowiak (48) ‘ – ‘

You may think I got lazy on picks 39 – 48 but there just isn’t a lot of information on them in general and they aren’t a lot to get excited about.