Mariners Moves Pt 1&2


What is funny is how much we all kind of shrugged off Keith’s article yesterday. I’m not a Mike Wilson hater, even in the pre-season podcasts I thought he might be someone the Mariners looked at early in the season, but I was more inclined to agree with Brett than Keith. That said big kudos go out to Keith for seeing this before we all did.

I’d like to think that there is a chance that Wilson puts things together. It’s rare and extremely infrequent but it happens I have no problem rooting for him and with this being the type of year as it is (with the Mariners not contending) why not.

I’m hoping that Langerhans will stay in the organization but his specific set of tools are desired. Lefty with average power, solid outfield defender that will take a walk. His biggest issue is his amount of strikeouts. But, even if he does leave you know they always get better when they leave…

I will say I’m probably the only person that is … well we’ll say MILDLY surprised with the Mariners releasing Bradley. I thought the Mariners would attempt to squeeze every last ounce of value out of Bradley, especially after he had a decent start to his season. I don’t think he’s “done” physically but with the amount of baggage that he does carry he might as well be done because I don’t see another team desperate enough at this point to take that on at the moment.

Carlos Peguero is the forgotten man in all of this. While everyone says that Saunders is safe. I see Peguero as being the biggest contender for playing time. Both struggle against left handers and while Peguero isn’t as athletic, he hasn’t struggled for 400+ plate appearances at the big league level. Even with the the plus glove Saunders doesn’t look much better than a Ryan Langerhans ceiling for the foreseeable future. It’s too bad but that’s where I’m at and the Mariners need to see if Carlos Peguero can’t make an adjustment to be a big league player or even an average platoon partner.