Series Preview: Texas @ Seattle



Texas Rangers

2011 Regular Season Record: 16-13, T-1st in A.L. West (1.5 GB)

Seattle Mariners

2011 Regular Season Record: 13-16, 4th in A.L. West (3 GB)

Pitching Matchups:

Tuesday, May 3rd – Erik Bedard vs. Alexi Ogando

Wednesday, May 4th – Michael Pineda vs. C.J. Wilson

Thursday, May 5th – Jason Vargas vs. Colby Lewis


David Aardsma 15-day DL *

Shawn Kelley 60-day DL **

Mauricio Robles 60-day DL **

Adam Moore 60-day DL **

Franklin Gutierrez 15-day DL *

  • * Not on Active Roster
  • ** Not on 40-Man Roster


Omar Beltre 60-day DL **

Scott Feldman 15-day DL *

Neftali Feliz 15-day DL *

Tommy Hunter 15-day DL *

Eric Hurley 60-day DL **

Darren O’Day 60-day DL **

Brandon Webb 15-day DL *

Josh Hamilton 15-day DL *

  • * Not on Active Roster
  • ** Not on 40-Man Roster


I don’t really know whats going on with the Texas Rangers, except that they’ve lost some games I didn’t expect them to lose. I’m sure they didn’t expect to lose those games either. But regardless they lost some games and now they have basically half their bullpen on the DL to include Neftali “I-Should-Be-In-The-Freakin’-Start-Rotation” Feliz.

Stacy Smith (of Nolan Writin’) was going to do this with but things came up in her schedule and instead I’m too lazy to find out the “hot” and “cold” hitters plus write something up on each team. Blah…

Basically this is going to come down to how good each defense plays. Safeco is a big field and it should keep the Rangers predominately right-handed line-up from going ape crazy with home runs. Though with guys like Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz you just never know (I purposely left out Michael Young, suck it Ranger fans).

The Mariners defense has been rather poor to start the season and it would be great to see with a new month that they start to… well, you know actually catch and throw the ball.

On the bright side of things, the Mariners hitters have been hitting the ball hard for the past week and a half and it would be nice to see it continue for the home town fans. Justin Smoak and Ichiro have been leading the way with Chone Figgins, Miguel Olivo and even Milton Bradley having some positive offensive moments.

The problem I see with this is while the Mariners pitching staff going forward is better, the defenders for Texas are better. If you can’t strike out people and the ball is going to stay in the yard, you need people behind you not to suck. This is key.