8-14, Game Notes


All in all, this was one of the least interesting games of the season. The Mariners couldn’t score runs, Jason Vargas kind of got shelled, and a win never really seemed within reach after that fourth inning. On the other hand, losses always seem much less frustrating to me when the team never really seems in it to begin with. So that’s something. Other things that are something:

  • Jason Vargas wasn’t good, but he wasn’t nearly as off as his stat line would make you believe. He threw 64% strikes, and missed seven bats – most of them with his change up. The 1.0 K:BB ratio isn’t impressive, but he wasn’t terrible, and it was really just the one bad inning that killed him.
  • Josh Lueke, on the other hand, was really bad. The homerun he gave up to Kouzmanoff was a clean cut hanger, right over the heart of the plate. He also gave up a line drive double and walked a hitter, in just one inning of work. His command has hurt him consistently in recent outings, and that pattern didn’t break tonight.
  • Adam Kennedy had yet another extra-base hit tonight. He is also frequently referred to on the broadcasts as a gritty veteran, or some variation of the sentiment. Take from this what you will.
  • I don’t know why exactly Michael Saunders tried to steal third base with two outs in the third inning of a 1-1 game, but it was a bad decision.