2-3, Game Notes


As an effort to re-integrate myself into the group of people that actually post here, I’m going to start doing (hopefully) regular game notes posts. I know I’m getting started five days late here, but hey, better late than never. Anyway…

  • So obviously the big story tonight is Michael Pineda, making his major league debut, in Texas, against a Rangers squad currently OPS’ing 1.108. Not exactly a cushy landing, but nevertheless, Pineda managed to do pretty well. He threw a lot of strikes, he missed plenty of bats, and when facing hitters not named Mitch Moreland, he didn’t make too many mistake pitches. He, for the most part, dominated the right handed hitters in the Texas lineup, but on a few occasions did show that he’s still got work to do against lefties. While his slider is a nice weapon against RHB’s, it won’t fool good hitters on the left side of the plate, meaning if the command slips just a little bit, it can end up being a meatball. It’ll be a big step forward if he can improve command of that pitch, and keep it away from the inner half of the plate. I can’t say it was spectacular, but for the most part, it’s hard not to be impressed with what Michael Pineda showed us tonight.
  • A lot is already being said about how much more scrappy and persistent this year’s team looks, and while I don’t know how much we can really read into that this early, it’s nice to see some of the fight, especially during losses, that was missing in 2010.
  • Our #1-5 hitters combined tonight to go 1-for-18 with two walks, and 8 LOB.
  • Jamey Wright threw two perfect innings, so hey, there’s that.

So yeah, aside from Pineda, not the most interesting game. Oh well, Felix tomorrow!