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This week “Good, Bad and Interesting”


The conversation with Peter from Fire-Nintendo ran way too long for me have any other segment within the podcast, so I decided to type up what is normally my favorite segment and post it here.

The Good: The Good this week would be Alex Liddi who had 2 grand slams. It’s fun to watch when the kids start ripping home runs like that. Don’t get me wrong, Liddi wont make the team this year, and I believe he’s never likely to ever be an everyday major league player, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun watching him hit grand salamis in the spring time.

The Bad: This is an easy one. The Bad is definitely the injury to Miguel Olivo. Olivo was supposed to upgrade the black hole that was the M’s catching position from 2010. While it looks like he’ll be healthy near the start of the season, I would expect him to get off to a slow start since he will have had almost no spring to prepare. Definitely not a good sign.

The Interesting: This was almost my choice for the Bad this week, but even bad things can be interesting. Justin Smoak is batting .111 and has a .338 OPS. You read that right. That’s OPS, not wOBA, or OBP, or SLG. OPS. ouch! ok, I should probably mention that it’s only 18 at-bats, and that small sample size has everything to do with this and there’s not really any reason to worry, but where would the fun be in that?