Mike Sweeney


I like the idea of Mike Sweeney making this team.

The consensus seems to be that he’s redundant at best, sucking black hole taking a bite out of the bullpen and at bats from better hitters at worst. I don’t buy it.

1)║: For Sweeney to make the team, we may have to go with an 11-man pitching staff. ooOOOooo scaaaaaary. Oh, wait. No it’s not. It’s something that’s been advocated for years now and is established roster strategy. No dice here.

2) He’s redundant. So? A right-handed hitter off the bench. Oh cruel fate! *flops hand over forehead* But Nate, you say. That roster spot is important. :║

3) He’s no good at hitting anymore. This argument exists because he hasn’t been good at hitting for years. He’s also had a back problem for years. Now his back problem doesn’t seem to be bothering him. He’s also hitting again. This is the weirdest coincidence, I just don’t have an argument for it. Weird.

4) Back problems are notorious for flaring-up again and again. That is true. Good point. 😐


I like Mike Sweeney.  I’d like to see Sweeney and Griffey ride off into their sunset of rainbows and unicorns together after one last go ’round. It’ll make me more invested than I already am in this year’s team AND I don’t think he hurts the team’s chances of contending this year. Win-freakin’-win.

Taylor’s Note: I don’t. (Just saying.)